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Premium Matching:

  • RT121
  • 5x5x12 cm
  • 0.08 kg
  • 4251594922728
The new EL34 Standard   The  new TAD EL34-STR REDBASE™ developed... more
Product information "TAD EL34 - STR REDBASE TAD PREMIUM Selected"
The new EL34 Standard
The  new TAD EL34-STR REDBASE™ developed completely from scratch! Yet, the results are phenomenal.
In the tradition of the legendary Telefunken EL34, the TAD EL34-STR REDBASE™ provides a gorgeous, dynamic and amazingly open in-yer-face tone with just the right amount of angriness. Expect a  clear, harmonic and open top end, a lovely spot-on midrange, with vocal low-mids and a great bass response as you would expect it from a TAD EL34.
Extra rugged glass envelope, golden control grid wire, two especially large cooling grids and special high-precision construction with smallest tolerances guarantee for maximum stability and reliability..
The TAD EL34-STR REDBASE™ differs from other EL34 tubes in particular also by the extreme quality control in the production and the special formatting of the tubes by TAD in Germany before the actual matching.

The TAD EL34-STR REDBASE™ can be used for any EL-34 and also instead of 6CA7 and KT77

It is therefore ideal for guitar amplifiers as well as for HiFi equipment.

TAD EL34 REDBASE™ provides Classic EL34 Sound - Excellent Tone and Maximum Lifetime!

Q: When does a power tube become a Premium Selected power tube?
A: All power tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
-      Plate Current (PC) and Amplification (TC)
-      Low Noise Test
-      Microphonic Test
-      Sonic Tests
-      Shock Tests
-      Listening Tests
-      Shorts & Leakage Tests
Premium RT-Matching of Power Tubes
Our Premium Matching is an exact matching of power tubes with identical Plate Current (PC) and Transconductance (TC).
TAD Premium Selected tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties)
for the quality criteria mentioned above.
Socket: 8 Pin(Octal)
Tube Type: EL34/6CA7/E34L
Selection: Premium
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Customer evaluation for "TAD EL34 - STR REDBASE TAD PREMIUM Selected"
13 Dec 2022

REDBASE EL34 are the new warhorse in our “Brit” sounding amps !!

REDBASE EL34 are super. A lot of power with the clipping compression very warm and not “acid” like in other branded EL34. They are strong constructed, very stable when they are softly hit. No reliability issues so far. They are the new warhorse in our “Brit” sounding amps !!

Admin 13 Dec 2022

TAD: thanks Marco. We love your amps and your espresso of course

11 Nov 2022

Great !!!

I bought a quartet of EL34 Redbase on eBay not finding the availability from you. Listening to them on my self-made amplifier, with Fe-Ni transformers, comparing them also with NOS RFT, Russian fake Mullard, TAD STR EL34 B, I understand why the availability is so precarious. They sound very, very good (even just at 380Va and 40mA of Ik). Large sound stage, excellent introspection ability, wonderful dynamic contrast, impeccable timbre balance. In addition to the usual perfect matching (verified) that only TAD can offer, the product is really guessed. Thank you

Admin 11 Nov 2022

Thanks you for the wonderful review Mario. I will forward your comment to the staff here. Thank you for choosing TAD

9 Apr 2022

So far so good!

I purchased these a few weeks ago and I've had them in my victory sheriff 44 since they came in the post. Not knowing what to expect they were a pleasant surprise tonally. They really brought my Sheriff to life and everything is really defined now from the lows through the mids and the highs. I can't stop playing this amp since I've put these in and I've even ordered another set. They came perfectly matched and so far I haven't experienced any bias drift but I can only comment on the past two weeks, I'll give a follow up review once I've had them long enough to. The reason I gave 8/10 is one it's very hard to be a perfect ten and two I haven't had them long enough to know anything about them over two weeks. At the moment I can't get enough of them playing wise, well done TAD!

25 Jan 2022

THE best tube when it comes to EL34

THE best tube when it comes to EL34. Took it since the old TAD EL34B-STR is currently not available.

...and then tested them after a short time also immediately for my Marshall JVM410H. Had not thought that this investment brings me so much happiness ;-)
Outstanding is the powerful amplification and physical pressure.

The JVM as a high gain amp now has such a clean bass punch without being artificial.
The signature Marshall midrange character complements great with silky and pleasant highs and harmonics.

I am pleased to say the performance of these Redbase EL34-STR tubes absolutely justify the price.

Therefore, I now plunge into costs and also treat my Fender Twin Reverb with TAD redbase tubes, just need to find out whether the 6L6GCM-STR or the 6L6WGC-STR would suit better. I'm curious ;-)

29 Dec 2021

Congratulations for the new EL34 Redbase, i absolutely love them - perfect for an EL34 -thumbs up!

Congratulations for the new EL34 Redbase, i absolutely love them.
I tried for the moment in MZero and Trinity 100W heads and they sound gorgeous with an amazing open tone, angry as i like, in your face, with correct mids and high-mids, great low-mids and good bass response (E34L JJ are tighter, but i's a very "dry" tube).
They have their own personality - perfect for an EL34 - they are somehow in the middle between the old STR's and the E34L's JJ.
Anyway, thumbs up!

6 Nov 2021

Wow !

Just as described by TAD and really close to the originals winged NOS Telefunken.

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