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6922 / E88CC TAD Premium Selected (balanced)
The TAD-6922 / E88CC (~ CCa) is the High-End-Version of the ECC88 or 6DJ8. Selected for perfect balanced audio output and lowest noise. The 6922 is used worldwide from demanding HiFi amplifier manufacturers seeking for highest consistent...

From €32.00 *
Part Number: RT-6922
6SJ7 TAD Premium NOS Selection
Carefully tested and selected 6SJ7 metal tube. Very pleasing tonal charactistic, with rich mid-range giving live to music. Equivalent to VT116 and CV591. Also repalcs directly 6SJ7G / CV591 and 6SJ7GT / CV592. Seleced for low noise...

€26.00 *
Part Number: RT-6SJ7
6SL7GT TAD Premium Selected
Brown base 6SL7GT Tube with silky clear top end and rich mid-range. Very pleasing tonal charactistic giving live to music. Upgrades 6N9 and the russian 6n9p. Seleced for low noise and gain-balanced triodes.. Q: When does a preamp tube...

From €29.80 *
Part Number: RT-6SL7
E88CC NOS TAD Premium Selected (balanced)
The TAD E88CC NOS (~ CCa) is the High-End-Version of the ECC88 or 6DJ8. Selected for perfect balanced audio output and lowest noise. The E88CC (aka 6922) is used worldwide from demanding HiFi amplifier manufacturers seeking for highest...

From €29.95 *
Part Number: RT-E88CC
EF86 / 6267 TAD Premium Selected
The New Vintage Pentode! This pentode is selected for low-noise and low microphonics and is used in many (european) hi-fi preamps. It recently gained popularity because it is used in many new guitar amps based on the vintage AC15...

From €26.00 *
Part Number: RT-EF86
07 d 15 h 54 min 00 s
12AX7A-C / ECC83 TAD Premium Selected (~ 7025,...
Perfect V2+ Preamp Tube - Good Gain - Tight Deep Bass - Fat Mid-range!! Very good gain, tight deep bass, fat mids and silky top end with overall definition and brightness. Selected with balanced systems and recommended for guitar amps to...
€16.95 * Instead of: €18.90 *
Part Number: RT001
Perfectly BALANCED PHASE DRIVER Tube !! A perfectly balanced 12AX7 will allow the tube output stage to perform at its optimum for smooth tone and definition. The overall responsiveness will be significantly improved by revealing the full...

From €22.90 *
Part Number: RT001-BPD
12AT7 / ECC81 TAD Premium Selected (balanced)
Rich-sounding Reverb Driver - Also Great for Headphone Amps! Latest version: Low noise tube, selected for best symmetry and balance. A strong driver tube and a wounderfully rich-sounding reverb driver. Also used in the great Brocksieper...

From €19.50 *
Part Number: RT002
ECC83-Cz TAD Premium Selected
Emphasize Your Punchy Mids!! Selected ECC83 for the big & warm clean sounds (great for HiFi too!) and mellow top-end when pushed to overdrive. Our recommendation if you want to emphasize punchy mids. Especially great when pushed into a...

From €17.50 *
Part Number: RT003
12AT7WC-USA NOS TAD Premium Selected
The Original US-made mil. Grade Version. This tube is used in old Fender amps or hi-fi applications and produces a smooth reverb. It replaces the 6201, E81CC and ECC801. upgrades ECC81 and 12AT7. Manufactuer: Philips USA as JAN 12AT7WC...

From €37.80 *
Part Number: RT004
12AU7A / ECC82 TAD Premium Selected (balanced)
The Perfect Choice for Stereo Audio Applications - Ideal as a Balanced Driver Latest revision providing great musical performance and rich tone. This TAD 12AU7A / ECC82 has especially strong systems which are selected to provide two...

From €19.50 *
Part Number: RT005
12AX7WA-R TAD Premium Selected
Maintain Your Amp's Original Tone! Very low noise but slightly less gain than a regular 12AX7. Soft highs and edgy, dominant mids. Our recommendation when your amp has microphonic issues. This tube is used in many Fender amps made today....

From €29.50 *
Part Number: RT006
12AY7/6072A TAD Premium Selected
Tweed Up Your Amp! Vintage tone for original vintage Fender tweed amps. The original tube for all those Fender® tweed amps from the 50s. Brings back the original sound to your tweed amp. Q: When does a preamp tube become a Premium...

From €23.50 *
Part Number: RT007
12AY7/6072A TAD Balance-Selected, GOLD-PIN...
TAD 12AY7 with GOLD-PINS Stereo-HiFi-Selection Especially for Audio-Stereo applications selectet 12AY7 / 6072a with extremly low tolerances in amplification factor for perfectly balanced stereo channels. Note: this selection is not...

From €36.00 *
Part Number: RT007-GB
ECC83 WA TAD Premium Selected
Perfect V2 Preamp Tube!! Great Dynamics - Low Noise - Warm Tone!! The TAD ECC83 WA Selected provides a stunning warm tone, thick midrange and sweet natural harmonics. We designed it with a triple mica construction for low noise...

From €14.95 *
Part Number: RT008
5751 TAD Premium Selected
Low-noise Tube for Best Clean Tone! The TAD Selected 5751 is our first choice for noticeably improved clarity, smoothness, and a true vintage tone character for most guitar amps! There will still be plenty of gain - so if you own a...

From €21.90 *
Part Number: RT009
07 d 15 h 54 min 00 s
7025 HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected
Warm, clean tone with creamy overdrive! PREMIUM selected quality for the most demanding amp stages. This tube works greatly for warm clean tones and creamy overdrive. We recommend this tube for the 1st gain stage and as input tube. It...
€29.50 * Instead of: €36.90 *
Part Number: RT010
7025 S Premium Selected -Mullard style- TAD-Tubes
TAD 7025 S Mullard Style - Simply Outstanding! The new TAD 7025-S is a faithful reproduction of the legendary original Mullard ECC83 valve which was made in England until the late 1960s. This tube is regarded as the holy grail among the...

From €36.90 *
Part Number: RT011
7025 S HIGHGRADE PremiumSelected -Mullard...
TAD 7025 S HIGHGRADE Mullard Style (very limited quantity available!) Special extremely quiet HIGHGRADE selection for demanding V1 position The new TAD 7025S is a faithful reproduction of the legendary original Mullard ECC83 valve which...

From €56.00 *
Part Number: RT011-HG
7025/E83CC HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected
No Microphony, No Hum - Clean Warm Tone, Punchy Mids, Fat Overdrive! Great warm clean tones, strong bass, punchy mids and fat overdrive with smooth top end. Q: When does a preamp tube become a Premium Selected tube? A: All preamp tubes...

From €21.90 *
Part Number: RT030
ECC803 S TAD Premium Selected
In the Tradition of the Famous Telefunken ECC803S A long-plate ECC83 / 12AX7A in the tradition of the famous Telefunken ECC803S. 1dB less gain than the RT003 (ECC83-Cz) but very detailed and defined, close to the RT001 (12AX7A), Its...

From €25.50 *
Part Number: RT033
12BH7A-STR TAD Premium Selected (balanced)
Maximum of Reliability - Outstanding Tonal Quality! 1st Choice for Ampeq SVTs! The all-new TAD 12BH7A-STR combines the best sonic and mechanical performance of the NOS RCA black plate with advantages of the GE version. A maximum of...

From €18.90 *
Part Number: RT043
12DW7 / 7247 TAD Premium Selected
Asymmetric double triode as used in old Ampegs. Q: When does a preamp tube become a Premium Selected tube? A: All preamp tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests: - Low Noise Test - Microphonic Test - Gain Test -...

€24.50 *
Part Number: RT044
TAD 12AU7A / ECC82-Y TAD Premium Selected...
Low noise NOS tube balance-selected for best triode symmetry. Perfect for HiFi stereo applications and as driver stage. made in the former Yugoslavian Ei-RC factory in Nis, Serbia. discontinued item: availability limited to current stock...

From €25.00 *
Part Number: RT045
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