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  • RT501
  • 5x5x12 cm
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The Pure and Typical Sag!   A faithfull reproduction of the Mullard/VALVO GZ34 with the... more
The Pure and Typical Sag!
A faithfull reproduction of the Mullard/VALVO GZ34 with the perfection of our REDBASE™ series
Pure power and the typical sag have been the distinguishing characteristics of the most popular guitar amps of guitar heroes since the 1960s.
equivalent to 5AR4, can replace 5U4GB and 5U4G.
Q: When does a tube become a Premium Selected tube?
A: All tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
-      Plate Current (PC) and Amplification (TC)
-      Low Noise Test
-      Microphonic Test
-      Sonic Tests
-      Shock Tests
-      Listening Tests
-      Shorts & Leakage Tests
TAD Premium Selected tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties) for the quality criteria mentioned above.
Tube Type: GZ34/5AR4
Selection: Premium
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Customer evaluation for "GZ34-STR TAD REDBASE PREMIUM SELECTED"
24 Mar 2023

Works Great

I have used this tube for everday use for about a year. I use my amplifier for both TV and music, so its got many hours. It works great!

20 Jan 2023

Thanks to SAV

The TAD service worked perfectly!
Indeed, it is always possible to come across a defective tube, especially with modern rectifier valves where the know-how of yesteryear has not yet been fully recovered. In my experience, of course.
Let's hope that future GZ34 productions will be more and more perfect ;+)

13 Jan 2023

Good and bad

Très bon de par sa durée de temporisation (20 secondes), bon pour sa tonalité générale mais mauvais sur mon ampli Hi-Fi à cause de sa tendance à se mettre en court-circuit !! En d'autres termes, tube fragile ; où suis-je tombé sur un mauvais exemple malgré la sélection rigoureuse censée être faite ici ?
Une redresseuse NOS a depuis résolu les problèmes de crépitements… A bon entendeur.

Admin 13 Jan 2023

Hi Daniel,

sorry to hear about the failure. This may happen with tubes but this is within your warranty period.

Please contact our customer service for replacement:


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