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Svetlana 12AX7 / ECC83 S-Logo / Russia
Svetlana 12AX7 / ECC83 S-Logo / Russia

From €19.20 *
Part Number: NN091
SED EL34 Svetlana winged -C- / Russia
the "winged C" made in St. Petersburg factory. This tube has been the stock tube of Marshall Amplification and many others for the last decade. Sadly the factory ceased production of glass tubes in 2012. Available as long as stocks last...

From €49.00 *
Part Number: NN251
SED 6550C Svetlana -C- / Russia
the good old "winged C" made in St. Petersburg factory DISCONTINUED: out of production since 2011 we highly recommend the TAD 6550A-STR (triple-getter construction like the orignal NOS 6550A GE) as excellent alternative. we got great...

From €99.00 *
Part Number: NN281
SED KT88 Svetlana winged -C- / Russia
the very last of our old stock .... the good old "winged C" made in St. Petersburg factory

€99.00 *
Part Number: NN441
6AS7GA / 6H13C / 6N13S Svetlana / Russia (NOS)
6AS7G in russian Version 6N13S / 6H13C, made by Svetlana / St. Petersburg -C- Logo NOS, most stock is made in the 1970s or 1980s. The 6N13S is a nice upgrade for the russian 6N5S / 6H5C and als replaces the chinese 6N5P

From €14.80 *
Part Number: NN961
5U4G / 5C3S / 5Ц3C NOS blackplate
5U4G rectifier tube made by old Svetlana factory (5Ц3C/5C3S). This is the sought after version with the special black anodes.

From €29.80 *
Part Number: S5U4G
EF86 / 6267 / 6J32P NOS Svetlana -C-
EF86 / 6267 / 6Ж32П NOS made by Svetlana -C- / Russia

From €12.50 *
Part Number: SEF86-SV
SED EL34 Svetlana -C- / NOS from 1999 St....
From 1999 St. Petersburg production. Prior to 2001 SED did use the both, the printed S-Logo and the -C- logo. The Svetlana EL34 prior to 2001 has the reputation to be the most reliable EL34 ever made. Our complete stock is dated 1999 and...

€52.95 *
Part Number: SEL34-SV