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Sovtek Tubes
5881 / 6L6WGC / 6P3S-E - Russia / Sov.
The russian 5881 was born as 6P3S-E in the Saratov plant and was designed for the use in military vehicles and aircrafts. Outstanding mechanical sturdyness and reliability is its key feature. Today this tube is mostly known as Sovtek /...

From €17.85 *
Part Number: NN111
SED Tubes
5U4G / 5C3S / 5Ц3C NOS blackplate
5U4G rectifier tube made by old Svetlana factory (5Ц3C/5C3S). This is the sought after version with the special black anodes.

From €29.80 *
Part Number: S5U4G
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
5V4GA / GZ31 (Russia)
5V4GA / GZ31 Rectifier (Russia) can also replace a 5Y3GT to provide slightly better headroom

€12.50 *
Part Number: S5V4
SED Tubes
6AS7GA / 6H13C / 6N13S Svetlana / Russia (NOS)
6AS7G in russian Version 6N13S / 6H13C, made by Svetlana / St. Petersburg -C- Logo NOS, most stock is made in the 1970s or 1980s. The 6N13S is a nice upgrade for the russian 6N5S / 6H5C and als replaces the chinese 6N5P

From €14.80 *
Part Number: NN961
Soviet NOS
6C33C-B / 6S33S-V Triode, NOS
6C33C-B / 6S33S-V NOS from russian military stocks

From €39.80 *
Part Number: S6C33
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
6C5S / 6X5GT / EZ35 rectifier tube, Russia NOS...
6C5S / 6X5GT / EZ35 rectifier tube NOS / NIB Russian rectifier tube 6C5S (6Ц5С in Russian). Made by Reflector factory, USSR. Equivalent to the 6X5GT and EZ35

€9.95 *
Part Number: S6C5
Soviet NOS
6DJ8 / ECC88 / 6N23P
6DJ8 / ECC88 / 6N23P frame gride tube made in Russia

From €11.80 *
Part Number: S6DJ8-R
Soviet NOS
6J5 metal version, NOS
6J7 metal version / NOS Russia identical or close: ARP16, CV1936, VT91, EF36

€6.99 *
Part Number: S6J7-R
Sovtek Tubes
6L6GA / 6P3S -clear top- NOS Russia (aka 6L6GC)
Sov/Russia the cheapest 6L6

From €9.80 *
Part Number: NN411
Soviet NOS
6N1P double-triode
double-triode, close to ECC88, 6DJ8, 6922 NOS russian made

From €7.20 *
Part Number: S6N1P
Soviet NOS
6N1P-EV / 6H1Pi-EB double-triode
double-triode 6N1P-EV / 6H1Pi, close to ECC88, 6DJ8, 6922 NOS russian made ruggedized long-life version "EB"

From €7.80 *
Part Number: S6N1P-EB
Soviet NOS
6N23P-EV / 6H23P-EB NOS/Russia
6N23P-EV / 6H23P-EB Duo-Triode NOS/Russia ersetzt/upgraded : ECC88, E88CC, 6922, 6DJ8, 7308 Die NOS 6N23P-EV (=kyrillic 6H23π-EB) tube is a very noticeable upgrade over the Electro Harmonix 6922 tube. They are incredibly durable (ratet >...

From €39.80 *
Part Number: S6N23P-EV
Soviet NOS
6N2P-EV / 6H2Pi-EB double-triode
double-triode 6N2P-EV / 6H2Pi NOS russian made ruggedized long-life (> 5,000 h) version "EV", kyrillic "EB" the 6N2P is the same syste mas 12AX7 / ECC83 but with filament connection on Pin 4+5 only. Rewiring of filament is required!

From €7.80 *
Part Number: S6N2P-EV
Soviet NOS
6N30P-DR / 6H30n-DP
6N30P-DR / 6H30n-DP Super Tube This rare 6N30P-DR (made before end of 1992) includes gold grids and is the absolute top grade of the 6N30 tube type rated for 10,000h operating lifetime. The DR grade means this tube had to pass rigorous...

From €199.00 *
Part Number: S6N30P-DR
Soviet NOS
6N6P (6Н6П) double triode (Russia)
6N6P / 6Н6П / 6H6Pi (~ ECC99, E182CC ) used by Priboj and Little Dot tube amplifiers

From €9.80 *
Part Number: S6N6P
Soviet NOS
6P14P-K (EL84M)
this 6P14P-K is a special shock and vibration resistant version of the russian EL84 (6P14P) made for the sowjet aircraft and spaceship use. cause of the mechanical quality this tube is a recommendation for use in guitar amplifiers. small...

€17.80 *
Part Number: NN371-K
Soviet NOS
6p15-EV / 6П15П-EB pentode
Pentode 6p15-EV / 6П15П-EB, baugleich zur SV83 Svetlana NOS russian made ruggedized long-life version "EB", rated 5,000 operating hours

€9.80 *
Part Number: S6P15P-EB
SED Tubes
6P45S -C- Svetlana (aka. EL509 / EL519 )
6P45S -C- Svetlana (aka. EL509 / EL519 ) original pin-out for Magnovalfassungen super rugged russian version of the EL519 made by Svetlana in St. Petersburg in 1970s to 1990s.

From €44.50 *
Part Number: SEL519-R
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
6SL7GT (R) (aka 6N9S / 6Н9П)...
6SL7GT (aka 6N9S / 6H9C / 6Н9П) made in Russia (NOS)

From €9.60 *
Part Number: S6SL7-SOV
Soviet NOS
6Ж4 = 6AC7GT Pentode, metal
the 6Ж4 = 6AC7GT Pentode made in Russia is mostly used as upgrade for the chinese 6J4P in audio amplifiers.

€12.00 *
Part Number: S6AC7
Soviet NOS
807 Tetrode (aka: QE06/50, CV127, CV1364)
807 Tetrode aka: QE06/50, CV 127, CV1364, CV1374 NOS, made in Russia

From €14.50 *
Part Number: NN607-R
SED Tubes
EF86 / 6267 / 6J32P NOS Svetlana -C-
EF86 / 6267 / 6Ж32П NOS made by Svetlana -C- / Russia

From €12.50 *
Part Number: SEF86-SV
Sovtek Tubes
EL84 / 6BQ5 / 6P14P Russia NOS/Russia
the russian NOS EL84 is in production since the 1960s under the original russian designation 6P14P The russian NOS EL84 was born as 6P14P in the Saratov plant and was designed for the use in military vehicles and equipment. Today this...

From €10.95 *
Part Number: NN171
Soviet NOS
EL84M / E84L / 6P14P-EB
Sov/Russia Heavy duty mil. grade EL84, NOS

From €17.80 *
Part Number: NN371
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