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Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
RK-9VBLOCK 9V Blockbatterie
9V battery
9V battery

From €2.92 *
Remember Part Number: RK-9VBLOCK
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
GA1590BL Aluminium-Gehäuse, SCHWARZ, für DIY Projekte, unge
Aluminum Box mod.1590, BLACK, for DIY projects
Aluminum Box mod.1590, BLACK, Box, incl. black screws, perfect for DIY projects Dimensions: 119x 94x 35mm

€10.90 *
Remember Part Number: GA1590BL
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
GA1290BL Aluminium-Gehäuse, SCHWARZ, klein, für D.I.Y. Projekt
Aluminum Box, BLACK, small Version, for DIY projec
Aluminum Box, BLACK, Box, incl. black screws, perfect for DIY projects Dimensions: 110x 60x 31mm

€9.98 *
Remember Part Number: GA1290BL
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Inc.
FSTHR Original Fender® Röhrenstabilisierung (Schaumstoff) für Hot Rod Deluxe
original Fender® tube stabilizer for Hot Rod Deluxe, Hot Rod Deville Also used in the Blues Deluxe Reissue, Bassbreaker 45 and Bassbreaker 45H made in the USA

€10.20 *
Remember Part Number: FSTHR
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
RK-LED LED, 5 mm, bedrahtet, rot
LED, 5 mm, low-current, 2 mA, red
LED with low power consumption, 2 mA General Type: LED Colour: Red Wave lengths: 625 nm Mounting form: 5 MM T1 3/4 Specials Operating temperature: -40 ... +85 °C Electrical values Forward Current: 30 mA Reverse Voltage: 5 V Operating...

€0.65 *
Remember Part Number: RK-LED
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
EQWHA-2 Gehäuse: Massives Wah-Wah Pedal Gehäuse für Selbstbau und Bastlerprojekte
Metall Chassis for: Wah-Wah Effectpedal for DIY-Projects
The Wah Chassis are from surplus. The devices offered are supplied completely assembled with pc board, jacks, pot, foot-switch, inductor etc. but we POINT OUT CLEARLY that we offer them just as chassis WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIE ON THE...

From €35.85 *
Remember Part Number: EQWHA-2