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Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Marshall, IC-OP. Amp , for Valvestate I, JCM900,
Dual-OP with internal switching , for Valvestate I, JCM900, JCM2000 etc. (M5201, M5201A or JRC2120D)

€7.90 *
Part Number: JRC2120D
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Vox, IC-OP. Amp , for Vox AC30C, AC30CC etc.
Vox, JRC2147D, IC-OP. Amp , like used in Vox AC30C, AC30CC etc., Dual-OP

€12.90 *
Part Number: JRC2147D
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
JRC4558D IC for the TS-808 or TS-9 TubeScreamer
JRC 4558D Dopublel OP-Amp, as used in Ibanez TS-808 and early TS-9 Tube Screamer

€4.50 *
Part Number: JRC4558D
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
IC-Socket, Precision, 8 Pin for JRC4558D etc.

€0.50 *
Part Number: JRCS8
Marshall Amplification PLC
IC CA3046 für JCM800 – 2205 + 2210
IC CA3046 für JCM800 - 2205 + 2210

€8.50 *
Part Number: MEICCA3046
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Transistor for Marshall Valvestate, Models:...
Transistor for Marshall Valvestate, Models: 8280, 8200, V-MOS n-ch FET, VN2410L

€6.24 *
Part Number: METRAN00030
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Diode, 1N4007, 1A, 1000V
Diode, 1N4007, 1A, 1000V

€0.50 *
Part Number: RK-DIODE
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Diode, RGP30M
Diode, RGP30M

€1.00 *
Part Number: RK-DIODE3
Spares for Fender
Diode BY227, 1250V, 1.5A
Diode BY227, 1250V, 1.5A, DO5 replacement for BYD33V in Fender Amps like 57 Deluxe Amp (PR728) and Vibro-Champ EC (PR1171)

€0.80 *
Part Number: RK-DIODE4