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Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
bridge rectifier, KBPC601, 100V, 6A, for Marshall JCM900, DSL2000
bridge rectifier, KBPC601, 100V, 6A, for Marshall JCM900, DSL2000 high performance bridge rectifier (upgrade !!!) as used in Marshall JCM900 (2100-SLX, 2500-SLX) and JCM2000 (TSL100, TSL60, DSL100, DSL401 etc) for DC filament of the...

€8.90 *
Remember Part Number: RK-BR1
Spares for Fender
Diode BY227, 1250V, 1.5A
Diode BY227, 1250V, 1.5A, DO5 replacement for BYD33V in Fender Amps like 57 Deluxe Amp (PR728) and Vibro-Champ EC (PR1171)

€0.80 *
Remember Part Number: RK-DIODE4
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Diode, 1N4007, 1A, 1000V
Diode, 1N4007, 1A, 1000V

€0.50 *
Remember Part Number: RK-DIODE
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Diode, RGP30M
Diode, RGP30M, 1000V@3A fast recovery rectifier diode, high forward surge current! Replacement for the MR510 diode in Music Man amps like the RD50

€0.99 *
Remember Part Number: RK-DIODE3
Marshall Amplification PLC
IC CA3046 für JCM800 – 2205 + 2210
IC CA3046 für JCM800 - 2205 + 2210

€8.49 *
Remember Part Number: MEICCA3046
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
IC-Socket, Precision, 8 Pin for JRC4558D etc.

€0.50 *
Remember Part Number: JRCS8
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
JRC4558D IC for the TS-808 or TS-9 TubeScreamer
JRC 4558D Dopublel OP-Amp, as used in Ibanez TS-808 and early TS-9 Tube Screamer

€4.49 *
Remember Part Number: JRC4558D
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Marshall, IC-OP. Amp , for Valvestate I, JCM900,
Dual-OP with internal switching , for Valvestate I, JCM900, JCM2000 etc. (M5201, M5201A or JRC2120D)

€14.90 *
Remember Part Number: JRC2120D
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
OC44N Germanium Transistor, used by the Rangemaster
OC44K Tung, Germanium Transistor as used in the most of the original vintage RangeMaster by Dallas Arbiter. TO-1S Gehäuse NOTE: we do not select or match transistors

€7.50 *
Remember Part Number: OC44N
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
OC75N Germanium Transistor, used by the Vox Tone Bender
OC75N, Germanium Transistor as used in the most of the original Vox Tone Bender, Marshall Supa Fuzz and John Hornby Skewes ZONK MACHINE TO-1S Gehäuse NOTE this transistor is already selected by the manufacturer (hfe: 70-140) No...

€7.90 *
Remember Part Number: OC75N
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
overvoltage suppressor diode R3000
overvoltage suppressor diode R3000, 3000V, 200mA used in many Fender amps: Blues Deluxe (CR24, CR25) Blues De Ville, Blues DeVille 212 (CR24, CR25) Blues Deluxe Reissue (D4, D5) Hot Rod Deluxe (all versions) (CR4, CR5) Hot Rod DeVille...

€1.80 *
Remember Part Number: RK-DIODE5
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
overvoltage suppressor diode SR2873 for Peavey amps
overvoltage suppressor diode SR2873, 2000V, 250mA Peavey part number #30402873 and 70402873 used in many Peavey amps: Classic 30 Windsor 5150 5150 II 6505 6505+ 6505-20MH 6534 JSX Penta Vypyr 60 Valveking 50 Valveking 100 Valveking 112...

€1.91 *
Remember Part Number: RK-DIODE6
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Transistor for Marshall Valvestate, Models: 8280, 8200, V-MOS n-ch...
Transistor for Marshall Valvestate, Models: 8280, 8200, V-MOS n-ch FET, VN2410L

€6.24 *
Remember Part Number: METRAN00030
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
Z-Diode, 1N5352, 15 V, 5W, axial, Motorola
Z-Diode, 1N5352B, 15 V, 5W, axial, original Motorola, NOS

From €0.58 *
Remember Part Number: 1N5352