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6L6WGC-STR REDBASE small bottle TAD PREMIUM Matched

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The Classic Sound of the 1950s and 60s - Excellent Tone, Maximum Lifetime!  ... more
Product information "6L6WGC-STR REDBASE small bottle TAD PREMIUM Matched"
The Classic Sound of the 1950s and 60s - Excellent Tone, Maximum Lifetime!
TAD 6L6WGC-STR REDBASE clear top - small bottle - absolute vintage style!
juicy mids, tight bass and airy - easy to listen top end.
The perfect choice for vintage tweed and blackface amps such as the 1960s Bassman, Twin, Showman or Super Reverb. The complex midrange and sweet heighs are a class of their own. The TAD 6L6WGC-STR REDBASE is our recommendation for a classic tone with warm cleans and rich, sweet mids when pushed. Great for fat jazz or blues tones and our favorite option for all open back combos.
The TAD 6L6WGC-STR is a remake of the small bottle GE 6L6GC and has the same warm lower midrange and silky top end as the classic GE versions of the 1950s and 60s. Like the historic RCA 5881, this tube features a small bottle enclusure, clear top and side getter. The TAD 6L6GCM-STR and the TAD 6L6WGC-STR have our exclusive beefed up cathode coating, gold grid wire, double getter construction, no-noise filaments and 1.2mm thick heavy duty glass. This tube is only 84mm high (without pins) and can replace 5881 or 6L6WGB tubes in most applications
Tube Type: 6L6/5881
Socket: 8 Pin(Oktal)
Selection: Premium
Reviews 15
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Customer evaluation for "6L6WGC-STR REDBASE small bottle TAD PREMIUM Matched"
28 Sep 2020

Beautiful Vintage Sounds

I have been using Tube Amp Doctor tubes exclusively for about the last 12 years. TAD tubes are the best I have ever tried.

I used these specifically in a modded Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2 12 to max out head room. These handled vintage tones beautifully. I didn't leave them in, because I wanted a more modern high gain structure.

2 Oct 2017

I spent crazy money for NOS original blackplate 6L6GC RCA small bottles during last years.

Got these 6L6WGC-STR blackplate from TAD with a TAD 5F4 amp kit and found them are at same level like the original RCA tube. What a beautiful tone; juicy mids and super sweet top end.

Now I am replacing the 6l6 in all my amps with this TAD 6L6WGC and save those RCA treasures.

Hey TAD! You should promote these as RCA type 6L6GC blackplates rather than GE style. They are outstanding! Thanks for the best 6l6 type tube made today; no doubt!

23 Oct 2016

In my FUCHS ODS 50 SLX, the new two TAD 6L6WGC-STR GE-Style works in a wonderfull way.

In conjuction with the JJ ECC83S the amp plays a sound rich, full, with a big headroom clean sound and a creamy, full, rich overdriven sound ... it's a sound by dream.

A very good choice :)

11 Oct 2016

Amazed. A/B tested with real Tung-Sol 5881's in my '60 Bassman, and the difference is negligible. NEVER before have I heard a new-production tube rival an old one. Very hopeful that manufacturers begin to make tubes that sound like the best old ones. Thanks TAD!

16 Jan 2015

I purchased these tubes for an amp I build to give them a try. I was blown away...the bass is warm and penetrating, mids are sweet and full and treble is smooth and clear. The overdrive characteristics are nothing short of beautiful. The tone and feel is on par with an original pair of TungSol 5881s I have, The pair I purchased was absolutely quiet and matched within 1mA in the amp. I will be using these tubes from here on. Bonus: these are also very nice looking tubes.

9 Feb 2014

Just intalled a pair in my 65 sweet..biased @ 36-38ma, they rock.

27 Aug 2013

Came stock in my 100w Dumble ODS -HRM clone. Tried some others, I'll stick to this. Nice rich harmonics, the right compression and almost humm-free. These shorties are the best thing for a 6l6 dumble style amp

8 Jun 2013

After having wasted time and money on two well-known brands with 6L6's for my 65RI Twin reverb, I finally found these now : Now I can say "This is it" !!! whereas my former tubes from one well-known "high gain amps manufacturer" and the other from the "most popular" brand produced first of all, both huge "noises on various notes" "bzzzz" coming with the sound of the guitar or noise from something put into vibration inside the tubes, these TAD 6L6WGC produce NO NOISE at ALL. Moreover the sound is much more articulate than before, when playing chords one can hear much more distinct each note. When playing my Gibson ES335TD the sound from my twin is warm and deep, even the reverb is much more present than before and completes the dry sound perfectly. The "sound of the wood" from the guitar comes throug much clearer than before. When playing my Strat, the amp is much more responsive to the playing dynamics than before, but without any aggressiveness. When handling the TAD-6L6WGC's the impression is, holding something of real quality, well built and that will last forever. Any other power tubes I have seen seem like junk in comparison. I have set bias so ma new tubes draw around 30mA, but I guess I will play a little with the amp bias to see/hear how it influences the sound. Anyway I have now the impression, my 65RI-Twin-Reverb is like a new amp with a much higher performance than before : I can only blame myself, "why did I not put TAD's in there in the first place" !!!

10 Sep 2010

I ordered matched duet, but there were 7mA difference. So what!! They sound awesome in my 66 Blackface Super reverb!!!

13 Jul 2006

I am a tech in UK and Just put a matched pair in my own original Blues Deluxe. Superb quality and phenomonal performance, bags of headroom even biased at 35mA. I am sure they will go higher but I love the sound as is. They have chime and sing beautifully. I will certainly be recommenmding these to my clients. Ordered from and received in UK within 4 days!!!!. I cannot recommend TAD highly enough. *****

18 Nov 2005

very good replacement for the GT6L6GE, better sound and definition at lower price.


12 Aug 2005

I use these tubes in a Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary 3 channel head, wich normally has Sovtek 5881 tubes.

The Sovteks are oke, but the amp really comes alive with the TAD6L6WGC's. They bring back the Marshall character, especially the mids, wich is charasiristic for the Marshall sound(normaly EL34, but they don't work in these 5881 amps, tried it).

The bass response is very present and tight, not as 'big' as the TAD6L6GC, but more sharp sounding (in a good way).

The high notes are thick and clear, not earpearcing.

This amp always sounded very good, but became much more 'playable' , the tone is more bendable(hard to discribe, but what I mean is that the amp doesn't sound as stiff anymore).

So these tubes function not alone good in vintage, or combo amps, but are very good in high gain heads to!!

I think everybody whose got a Marshall with 5881 tubes (all tube Marshalls produced between end of 1993 and 1999) shoud try the TAD6L6WGC's!!

(If you are more into Nu metal rectifier sounds try the TAD6L6GC's in your Marshall, very good to!!!)

2 Jun 2004

See Review under "matched quartet".

2 Jun 2004

See Review under "matched quartet".

2 Jun 2004

These are certainly the best 6L6 tubes that I have ever used!

Like most people, I haven't enjoyed the luxury of being able to use top rated NOS tubes in genuine vintage or high end amplifiers...but I'm closer to that elusive sound than I've ever been before.

Together with a re-issue Jensen speaker, the TAD 6L6WGC tubes have taken the performance of an otherwise stock Fender Hot Rod Deluxe to levels which we have no right to expect from such a modest amplifier.

An extra-ordinary product at a very ordinary price.

What more can you want ?

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