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CAIG Caikote CK-44-G Conductive Coating Key...
CAIG Caikote CK-44-G Conductive Coating Key Pad Repair Kit CaiKoteTM 44 Kit, silver-based, 1.0 grams, includes swabs and bruches Conductive Carbon Coating for most surfaces (rubber, epoxy, glass, plastic). It is ideal for repairing...

€15.95 *
Part Number: CK-44-G
HAND-E-GLOVE® Professional Protective Barrier...
A Unique Hand Lotion that Creates an Invisible antistatic Glove that Protects & Shields Your Hands from Dirt, Grease, Chemicals and Harsh Contaminants while you work. • Moisturizes Skin • Safe / Tested • Non-Greasy • Does not Impair Grip...

€24.80 *
Part Number: EEP-102-16
CAIG Rosin Soldering Flux, 56 gram jar
CAIG Rosin Soldering Flux, 56 gram jar SPECS: The RMA paste flux meets DOD-STD-2000 & also the IPC-J-004 standard for type ROL0 , the lowest residue corrosivity category.

€10.65 *
Part Number: RSF-R80-2
the NEW DeoxIT Audio/Video SURVIVAL KIT Special kit includes everything you need to improve, enhance, and clean audio/visual electrical connections (metal and carbon) as well as special tooling to achieve and preserve the utmost...

€48.50 *
Part Number: SK-AV35
DeoxIT® GOLD Electronic Maintenance Kit
DeoxIT® GOLD Electronic Maintenance Kit Includes two nail polish size brush top bottles that also comes with some other cleaning accessories. It provides an easy way to pick up both the DeoxIT and the Gold at 100% strength. Clean and...

€49.50 *
Part Number: SK-DG100L-2DB
CAIG Guitar Care KIT
CAIG Guitar Care KIT The ultimate Guitar Care Kit From the same company that brought you the phenomenal DeoxIt D5 cleaner and F5 fader lube, standards on every tech's bench, comes the new Caig Guitar Care Kit. Exclusive to our site for...

€29.95 *
Part Number: SK-GM30
DeoxIT Gold Vacuum Tube SURVIVAL KIT
Clean and protect the surfaces of the high sensible vacuum tube pins and socket contacts to achieve the utmost performance quality of your amplifer. The little set contains all cleaning and protecting solutions as well as spelcial...

€49.50 *
Part Number: SK-GXMD
DeoxIT® Sample Kit
DeoxIT® Sample Kit DeoxIT® Sample Kit: one brush bottle of each high-effecive 100% solution of the key DeoxIT products. The complete kit for perfect maintenance and protection of electrical contacts indoor and outdoor. Cleaner &...

€21.85 *
Part Number: SK-K2C
DeoxIT SHIELD SN5S-6N, 5% solution, 142gr....
DeoxIT® SHIELD SN5S-6N Spray, 5% solution, flushing action, 142 g, NON-FLAMABLE Perfect-Straw™ System, quick dry - non drip, and safe on plastics! (Applications = 1200 +/-) Superior Protectant & Lubricant for Clean Metal Electrical...

€34.80 *
Part Number: SN5S-6N