4EB3C1B TAD Reverb Can 2-springs

Variants Description Stock Price Quantity
RV-4EB3C1B 4EB3C1B TAD Reverb Can 2-springs Verfuegbarkeit_abhaengig_vom € 26,95
RV-4EB3C1B (1)
4EB3C1B TAD Reverb Can 2-springs (1x)
+ Service: RV-Modification of grounding type (specify details during check out in order comment field)
Verfuegbarkeit_abhaengig_vom € 38,95

4EB3C1B TAD Reverb Can 2-springs


upgrade/replacement for:
Fender® Hot Rod Deluxe (PR247), Hot Rod DeVille 410 and 212 (PR247). Fits series III also.
Blues Deluxe REISSUE (PR658) and Blues DeVille Reissue (PR665), replaces Fender Reverb Pan 050394

Music Man®
Upgrade für VOX AC30CC, AC15CC1, AC15CC1X, AC15C1 (replaces BS3EB3C1B)

length: 42,5 cm
springs: 2x2

Input: imp. 600 Ohm / 58 DC Ohm

Output: imp. 2250 Ohm / 200 DC Ohm

What is an RV-MOD?
The two connectors of a reverb tank can either be grounded or not.
There are four options, defined by the third-to-last position of the part number (e.g. RV-4AB3C1B):
A = Input Grounded / Output Grounded
B = Input Grounded / Output Insulated
C = Input Insulated / Output Grounded
D = Input Insulated / Output Insulated
If the available options do not match the required grounding of your device, we can modify the reverb accordingly. In that case, please add the "RV-MOD" option and tell us the desired grounding (A, B, C or D) using the commentary field when placing the order.
TAD reverb tanks can be mounted in any position (defined by the last letter).

RohS Compliant

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