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8AB3C1B TAD Reverb Can 3-springs

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  • RV-8AB3C1B
  • 9x4x23 cm
  • 0.311 kg
  • 4251594901464
8AB3C1B TAD-BLACK FINISH Reverb Can 3-spring replaces Fender part number: 001-8454-000... more
Product information "8AB3C1B TAD Reverb Can 3-springs"
8AB3C1B TAD-BLACK FINISH Reverb Can 3-spring
replaces Fender part number: 001-8454-000 (018454)
can be used as a direct drop-in replacement in
Fender® Super Champ
Fender® Princeton Reverb II
Orange Rockerverb
Kitty Hawk Supreme Series I
Koch Studiotone 20W
length: 23,5 cm
springs: 3
Input: imp. 10 Ohm / 0,8 DC Ohm
Output: imp. 2575 Ohm / 200 DC Ohm
What is an RV-MOD?
The two connectors of a reverb tank can either be grounded or not.
There are four options, defined by the third-to-last position of the part number (e.g. RV-4AB3C1B):
A = Input Grounded / Output Grounded
B = Input Grounded / Output Insulated
C = Input Insulated / Output Grounded
D = Input Insulated / Output Insulated
If the available options do not match the required grounding of your device, we can modify the reverb accordingly - upcharge EUR 12,- (incl. tax). In that case, please add the "RV-MOD" option and tell us the desired grounding (A, B, C or D) using the commentary field when placing the order.
TAD reverb tanks can be mounted in any position (defined by the last letter).
Imput Impedance: A = 8 Ohm
Output Impedance: B = 2250 Ohm
Decay Time: 3 = Long (2.75 to 4.0 sec)
Connectors: C = Input Insulated / Output Grounded
Length: Type 8 - length= 23.5 cm - springs= 3
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