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Tung-Sol 7591A

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  • NN-TS-7591A
  • 2.5x2.5x7.5 cm
Reissue of the rare NOS Tung-Sol 7591A.  Well, now we got 'em. Smooth, yet punchy, with a... more
Product information "Tung-Sol 7591A"
Reissue of the rare NOS Tung-Sol 7591A.  Well, now we got 'em. Smooth, yet punchy, with a sweet finish.
the correct height limitation makes them fit in all these vintage devices.
Ampeg owners, rejoice! Also used in certain vintage amps from Gibson and Supro and especialyl in classic audio equipment from Scotts, Eico, Fischer and McIntosh.
Was also used in the Roland Bolt 30 guitar amps
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Customer evaluation for "Tung-Sol 7591A"
7 Jan 2016

Out of the the box sound on a matched quartet, the Tung Sol 7591A reissue was almost comparable to the NOS 7591A with 200+ hours in a Fisher X-202 C integrated amp ("Professional Series Control Amplifier") from the 1960's. I look forward to how the quartet sounds after 100 to 200 hours.

30 Aug 2014

The gain of these valves is far from satisfactory!!!.

They are not suitable for HI-Gain, few bass and shrill, with little body distortion. They are not so great that Tung-Sol says.

TAD: are you sure the review was meant for this tube? 7591A is typically used in HiFi audio equipment and in some vintage Ampeg and Gibson amps of the 1950s and 60s. Never intended for Hi-Gain. Please email us in case there is a misunderstanding. Thnaks.

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