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Tung-Sol KT66 / Russia

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  • NN921
  • 5x5x14 cm
  • 4251594911968
Tung-Sol KT66 aka. 6L6GC, 7581A more
Product information "Tung-Sol KT66 / Russia"
Tung-Sol KT66 aka. 6L6GC, 7581A
Tube Type: KT66
Socket: Octal(8Pin)
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Customer evaluation for "Tung-Sol KT66 / Russia"
6 Apr 2021

Tung-Sol KT66 / Russia

Very, very nice sounding KT66's. Balanced highs and lows with slightly warmish but absolutely not muddy or unclear midrange. Plays well all kind of music. System: Nelson Audio Image M9 monoblocks (4 x KT66 each).

I got these 26 months ago, first one went bad four months from new and now almost 2½ years later second one (of eight tubes). I estimated i have 3500-4000 hours on them so far.

Other than that, well recommended tubes !

24 Aug 2017

Pas une vrai KT66.

Composants d'une 6L6 avec un verre de KT66 et une base de KT88...

Donc ne va pas sur tout les embases notamment avec les clips de maintient en métal.

Rendu sonore bien équilibré dans l'ensemble.

Not a real KT66.

Components of a 6L6 with a glas envelope of a KT66 and the base of a KT88...

It doesn't use the basic construction details of a KT66 including the metal retension clips.

The tone is nicely balanced after all.

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