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7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)

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  • NN-TS-7581
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7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC) King of clean-headroom tone! max. plate dissipation: 35W made... more
Product information "7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)"
7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)
King of clean-headroom tone!
max. plate dissipation: 35W
made in Russia
Socket: 8 Pin(Oktal)
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Customer evaluation for "7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)"
9 Apr 2019

Placed in Peavey Ultra+, tubes and installation checked by a pro technician.

They give a very good focus in comparison with Rubys (bass frequencies were "flappy", mids just good and a big lack of treble)

Now the sound is well defined in bass, very good in mids and trebles are back! Full and precise sound, very linear depending to the master volume setting : no need to reach a high volume to have a good sound!

7 Jun 2017

@Jean-Paul Bleus; this is the Tung-Sol 7581-A tube which DOES dissipate a rating of 35 watts. The Tung-Sol 7581 tube (without the A) dissipates 30 watts like a standard 6L6GC. In any case, this is a "true" 7581-A tube which is very well balanced and will give you clean headroom for days!

26 Jan 2016

After more than one year of use...

I don't consider this tube as a 7581A but as a 6L6GC since it dissipates a Pmax of 30W. 7581A refers to an unaviable Sylvania which was a kind of 6L6 dissipating 35W, the only 6L6 that ever delivred such a Pmax. But who cares ?

This 6L6GC features some improvements to have more headroom than most of others and I have to say this is true, among all current 6L6's I've had it overwhelms anything else on that field.

I really love this tube, it sounds very detailed and warm too. It is precise in the whole spectrum and never harsh, with a strong bottom end. It really fits goog to my rig : my guitar amp is an Egnater Tourmaster 4100 and I use different cab's and speakers. I biased it at 40mA for around 500V on the plate.

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