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7025 S HIGHGRADE PremiumSelected -Mullard style- TAD-Tubes

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7025 HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected
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Part Number: RT010
  • RT011-HG
  • 2.5x2.5x8 cm
  • 0.01 kg
  • 4251594900139
TAD 7025 S HIGHGRADE Selection   Mullard Style    (very limited... more
Product information "7025 S HIGHGRADE PremiumSelected -Mullard style- TAD-Tubes"
TAD 7025 S HIGHGRADE Selection   Mullard Style    (very limited quantity available!)    
Special extremely quiet HIGHGRADE selection for demanding V1 position
The new TAD 7025S is a faithful reproduction of the legendary original Mullard ECC83 valve which was made in England till the late 1960s. This tube is regarded as the holy grail among the double-triode preamp valves. The extra thick mica spacers support the rugged mechanical construction and the careful TAD quality control proceedure ensures performance stability and low microphonics.
The TAD 7025-S delivers rich, harmonically complex tone and midrange warmth that is just outstanding compared to any other currently manufactured tube today.
We recommend this tube for classic british style amps (rather than for modern high-gain amps) as well as for vintage-style open-back combo amps to achieve a stunning complex tone with silky smooth but rich tone.
The TAD 7025 S can replace any ECC83, E83CC, 12AX7, 12AX7A, 12AX7M, 12AX7WA/WB/WC/LPS/EH, 5751 or 7025.
Great for warm clean tones and creamy overdrive. Upgrades 12AX7A and ECC83 tubes. Replaces E83CC tubes.
somewhat warmer in tone than our 7025 Highgrade (RT010) yet open with defined bass response.
tech-tip: especcially recommended in second positions or tone stacks in vintage British amps
Tube Type: 12AX7/ECC83/7025
Socket: Noval(9 Pin)
Selection: Highgrade
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Customer evaluation for "7025 S HIGHGRADE PremiumSelected -Mullard style- TAD-Tubes"
9 May 2013

I tried the RT011 in the V2 position of an ENGL E670 6L6GC (other preamp tubes: standard ENGL ECC83). This tube is a very high-quality, musical tube. The sound definition and precision is remarkable. It can capture all the small details of your playing. It is definitely a top notch, but it doesn`t fit completely my taste. Replacing the ENGL ECC83 with this one you get more warmth, a bit more mids, the sound becomes a little fatter and very clear, both in clean and overdriven mode. But you loose bite in the high register, a bit of presence in my opinion and a bit of aggressiveness to the sound.

If you want to have a top sound quality and you are looking for something to make your sound rounder and a bit less aggressive, this is for you.

12 Sep 2010

Worked fine in Fender twin reverb in V2-pos. - nice varm and clean sound

Nice sound but lost 3-dimensionality, everything up front in ARC SP8 preamp - no use for hifi.

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