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Psvane 845B-HiFi Series, mica free (NEW)

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TAD 845 (aka SE3945 / CV1831 / 38213)
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Part Number: NN604
  • PS-845-B-HIFI
  • 9x9x25 cm
  • 0.29 kg
  • 4251594915416
Psvane  845B-HiFi  Series, mica free (NEW)   845B is direct-heated type thorium... more
Product information "Psvane 845B-HiFi Series, mica free (NEW)"
Psvane  845B-HiFi  Series, mica free (NEW)
845B is direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode triode
which can be used as class A1 and AB1 amplification.
Mica free construction type
dimensons (exemplaric): 190.2 mm total length, 180.1 mm length without pins, 58.5 mm diameter glass, 47.0 mm diameter base
Uf------------------------------------10 V
If----------------------------------3.25 A
Maximum Rating
Ua----------------------------------1250 V
Pa------------------------------------75 W
Pout(max.sig)------------------------150 W
Ia(max)------------------------------120 mA
Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
Input----------------------------------6 PF
output-------------------------------4.5 PF
Grid to plate-----------------------14.5 PF
Static parameter
Ua----------------------------------1250 V
—Ug----------------------------------200 V
Ia------------------------------------80 mA
Gm-------------------------------------3 mA/V
ri-----------------------------------1.7 KΩ
RL-----------------------------------3.4 KΩ
Ug(pk)--------------------------------69 V
Pout----------------------------------15 W
Recommended Operating Conditions(reference value)
class A1 .single tube:
Ua------1000 1000 1250 V
—Ug--- 145 155 209 V
RL-----------6  9 16 KΩ
Ia------------90 65 52 mA
Gm---------3.1 — — mA/V
Ug(pk)--— 110 148 V
ri----------1.7 1.9 2.1 KΩ
Pout-------24 21 24 W
Push-pull.class AB1:
Ua------------------- 800 1000 1000 1250 V
—Ug----------------- 125 170 175 225 V
RL---------------------- 4.5 4.6 4.6 6.6 KΩ
Ia--------------------------80 70 40 40 mA
Ug(pk)------------------177 240 — — V
Ia(mAx.sig)-------170 230 230 240 mA
Pout-----------------------40 75 75 115 W
Tube Type: 845/SE3945/CV1831/38213
Socket: 4 Pin(Jumbo)
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Customer evaluation for "Psvane 845B-HiFi Series, mica free (NEW)"
12 Dec 2021

Great 845 tubes that won’t break the bank

First up TAD are superb to deal with. Great advice and fast, safe shipping.

I have Cary 211’s, so with a quad of 845’s and a quad of 300b’s I can’t stretch to “super tubes”, but the Psavne 845 are a definite upgrade to the standard Shuguang 845.

More details, more controlled bass and the workmanship looks top notch. Very pretty tubes and not having the mica gives a great view into the tubes.

Not quite the big jump written about on the old positive feedback review, but still an improvement. Don’t believe the 6 hour burn in from that article either, took them 60 hours to settle down and lose a bit of hardness. After 60 hours they are superb.

Recommend if you can’t stump for the top of the line for whatever reason.

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