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Tweed One-Twelve-16, 5E3 Style Amp-Kit

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  • 38x22x38 cm
  • 6.176 kg
  • 4251594903000
  Amp Kit Tweed One-Twelve-16 5E3 Style with ca. 16 watt power. This Amp Kit is based on... more
Product information "Tweed One-Twelve-16, 5E3 Style Amp-Kit"
Amp Kit Tweed One-Twelve-16 5E3 Style with ca. 16 watt power.
This Amp Kit is based on the legendary Fender Tweed Deluxe®
This Amp has just the right volume for club gigs and offers excellent tweed tone.
With two volume and one tone control this amp provides an unbelievevable complex tone structure from bell clean chime, sweet compression to raw and dirty tweed tone.
The 5E3 is a real screamer and the favorite amp of Neil Young.
Update from 23.7.2021:
From now on, as an upgrade, all TAD Amp Kits come with the TAD Custom Dimple Potentiometers - made by CTS
TAD Logo included
Power: ca. 16 Watt
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Tubes:  1x 12AX7A-C / ECC83, 1x12AY7, 1x 6V6GT-STR Pair, 1x 5Y3GT / 6087
Available variants:
Just the kit without a tweed cabinet:
Measure: 6,7cm height x 36,9cm width x 10,5cm depth
Total weight: ca. 6 kg
Kit incl. tweed head cabinet with nitro-aged tweed and fingers interlocked
wood out of american pine for a authentic vintage tone.
Cabinet: K-CDLX-H
Measure: 27,9cm height x 51,0cm width x 24cm depth
Total weight: ca. 7 kg
Kit incl. 1x12" tweed cabinet with nitro-aged tweed and fingers interlocked
wood out of american pine for a authentic vintage tone.
Cabinet: K-CDLX
Measure: 40,5cm height x 51,0cm width x 24cm depth
Total weight: ca. 9 kg (without speaker)
Kit, tweed cabinet and speaker.
Nothing is missed here.
The speaker is our recommendation
and perfectly matched to the kit.
As an extra we give a discount of 10% to the speaker.
The discount is already factored in the total price
and only available for this version!
Speaker: 1x Jensen P12R 25 Watt 8 Ohm #LJEP12R
Cabinet:  K-CDLX
Measure: 40,5cm height x 51,0cm width x 24cm depth
Total weight: ca. 12 kg
Otherwise, everything is included:
TAD Premium Selected Tubes:
1x #RT001 12AX7A-C / ECC83, 1x #RT007 12AY7, 1x #RT832 6V6GT-STR Paar, 1x #RT503 5Y3GT,
eyeletboards, ceramic sockets, mounting materials, full size pots, knobs, Orange Drop caps,
carbon composition resistors, cloth-covered wire, chrome chassis, transformers etc.
Please note that the Amp-Kit are not a beginners project but for experienced amp builders!
Voltages inside tube amplifiers can exceed 500V and can cause serious damage and can even kill!
Ampkit Style: Tweed Style
Ampkit Power: 16 Watt
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Customer evaluation for "Tweed One-Twelve-16, 5E3 Style Amp-Kit"
12 May 2021

Fabulous bit of kit, sounds great, looks awesome

Well impressed with this amplifier, lighter than my blues jr but lots, lots more tone. Only played through it for a few minutes after arriving but have already fallen in love with it. I asked Tube Amp Doctor to build it for me as my soldering skills are poor to non existent, they did a wonderful job putting this together, it looks good, sounds great even at low, low volume, can't wait to get the house to myself and let this baby sing. A big shout out to the guys and girls at TAD for doing such great work, thanks everyone

17 Nov 2020

Great sounding amp. Takes pedals as a champ.. or should I say tweed?

Great sounding amp. Takes pedals as a champ.. or should I say tweed? Only had two problems with the kit. I had to drill a hole in the metal chassi. However I skipped that and just made a knot on the power cable which holds it in place. Also a resistor was damaged and rusty, and therefore broke. I had to repair it by soldering on another resistors leg. Took me 14 hours to solder and assemble the amp. And another 6 hours of preparation. The parts is also really though to fit the circuit board due to the great width of the circuit board. I would suggest that TAD should reduce it by 0.5 cm at production. Also, the cabinet holds the speaker by nuts and not bolts. Also, the yellow wire just barely was enough. And, I would also liked to see modern replaceable PC power cable. But all in all, it is a product very similar to the original, and it sounds fantastic with my Fane N30. Read that some people had noise issues, but mine has a really low noise floor which works great for recordings. Might be because I carefully laid out the components and cables to minimize noise.

Admin 18 Nov 2020

TAD: Great to hear you made it, even with a few obstacles. This circuit is approved since the 1950s and there is no reason for any noise issue by its design.
Sorry for the missing strain relief and the resistor. In such cases always just drop us an email and we will mail are free replacement or provide support to help. The HR9100 strain relief should be good enough to fix the power cord and is the way the historic 5E3 was set up. All layout, dimensions of power board, AC- connector and component selection is as close to vintage original specs as possible while keeping safety at today's standard. And, sorry, drilling a hole in a DIY project we didn't consider to be an issue.
We own 3 orignal Tweed 5E3 from the 50s and I can confirm that our TAD 5E3 Kit is the closest thing available.

5 May 2019

Excellent amp. Sound is fantastic. I made combo version with Celestion Greenback speaker, my own cabinet design. This is now my main amp for club gigs.

5 Nov 2017

Hey there,

My first kit build, The 5E3, is top notch. The building itself was only 2 days. Basic knowledge about electronics and soldering is required. The quality of the components is perfect. Tested the amp with an EVM12L speaker. Beside to measure for shortcuts, bad solder joints and voltage. Track the layout twice or even 3 times. Great succes here. The tubeampdocter can expect more orders for future projects. Thanks TAD.

26 Mar 2016

Comme les autre reviewers, je trouve ce kit extraordinaire. Je n'ai fait aucune modification à par un interrupteur de bypass que j'ai ajouté. Comme l'ampli est très puissant, j'utilise un réducteur de puissance Koch Dummybox Home entre l'ampli et le haut parleur quand je veux le "pousser un peu" sans déranger les voisins. Merci TAD !

28 Dec 2015

Super amplificateur, à tester d'urgence. Pour ceux que ça intéresse : un lien sur la réalisation de mon Tweed Deluxe.

24 Jun 2015

That's a wonderful amp. Pretty easy to build, even if it's your first time. I put a Celestion G12H30 70th anniversary into it, I can get a bit more headroom and it still sound like a 5E3. Shipping time is always excellent with TAD. Now, I've found the perfect amp for my life, so versatile for blues, rock, pop. If you don't want to spend tons of money in an original one or expensive replicas and if you're looking for THE sound, you must buy this little machine !

17 Jul 2014

I purchased the full kit with a Jensen P12Q.

All top knotch components. I just replaced the caps with Jupiter red and astrom for my own taste, but components provided with the kit would do it too.

Easy to build, runs the first time. And the result is a real Tweed Deluxe sound, gain and feel...wonderfull soundign and fun to build. Very good tech support from TAD for the final tune up with pertinent advice (caps value adjustment to adjust the amp to my taste). I recommend TAD and this kit...

11 Apr 2014

Another great kit. Very authentic. Easy to build and worked first time. Wont stop till I have the whole set!!!!

12 Mar 2014

Excellent quality, incredible sound - recommended!

3 Dec 2013

hi! the 5e3 kit from TAD is FANTASTIC ! the components are top quality and vintage correct. i used the ground switch hole for a 4 position rotary switch to enable two different Resistance values for NFB & disable a cathode cap. The amp has a KILLER TONE ! and with my c12n loaded cab its a dream come true !

WELL DONE TAD! i am allready thinking for the bassman concept!!

12 Oct 2013

F&ck§ng amp !!! KILLER !!!

10 Sep 2013

Build these kits and find them great, good instructions too1 Trouble is, NOT with the amp but players. It's a Vintage amp, but then they want effects loop, reverb, foot switch etc etc. However we try to help and custom tone the amp. Change coupling caps to the tone choice required, 6V6's to 6L6's More headroom. Added Gz34. Pity as the amp is perfect all on its own, however, the customer is always right! Please pass on your mods and ideas! Well done TAD.

10 Mar 2013

Killer amp! Like usual, TAD provide the best service and kit on the market! Perfect quality! Will buy again by TAD! Thank you guys! I have made some mods with the component : Mercury Magnetics transfo, Jupiter and Sprague capacitors, NOS tube from the right period (5YGT3 Bendix rectifier of the 50's, Tungsol 12ax7 and 12ay7 of 1959 and two 6V6 power tube from brand RCA of the 50's. With my 52's Blackguard Telecaster clone it's the paradise!!!

10 Feb 2013

Just finished the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe kit.

Great little amp with only 15W output, but what a sound pressure level from the Jensen speaker!

Without overdrive a brillianty, crystal clear sound.

No hum, no hiss, no fuzz.

With the full output of my Gretsch Electromatic pickups however,

boy, this combo is roaring rough & ready with a huge punch.

Jumpin' Jack Flash baby !

Now it's time to raise funds for my next JTM45 ;-)

26 May 2011

I've just finished building the 5E3 kit to load into a self-built oak cab. The packaging for transit, quality of the parts and the end result are top class. The supplied wiring diagram is easy to follow (but beware the photo-story of the build on this site where the live and neutral wires from the mains are reversed compared to the diagram!). I'm a complete novice to building amps (but decent at soldering guitar components) and my amp fired up first time. That circuit combined with my Celestion Heritage G12H30 makes for an excellent sounding amp.

My only criticisms would be:

(1) the parts list is in German - considering the kit costs EUR499 perhaps this could be rectified for non-German-speaking buyers

(2) the resistors are supplied loose - I'd have preferred them to be bagged by rating so comparing the parts list to the physical items is a quicker task when first opening the box.

I'd have no hesitation recommending this kit to anyone - even when the Mojo, Mission, etc, kits were readily available in Europe prior to the ROHS regulation I'd have still chosen this kit for the pure quality of every single component.

Buy it, build it, play it :)

10 Sep 2010

I just finished my "Deluxe Reveb kit"... Marvelous! First class! I generaly play on custom shop Fender Amps. Vibro King, Dual Professional, Vibroverb. The Deluxe is the best. Sounds as good as the one I played with in the sixtes. Thank you Mr TAD. I shall soon order and built an over amp. "You know what? I'm happy!"

Je viens de terminer le câblage de mon Kit "Deluxe Reverb Amp". I est extraordinaire et sonne au moins aussi bien que celui que j'avais dans les années 60'... Je joue uniquement sur des "Custom Shop Fender". "Vibro King, Dual Professional et Vibroverb". Le Deluxe est le meilleur. Merci monsieur TAD. Je vais très vite vous commander un autre kit ampli. A bientôt.

13 May 2010

Fast shipping, well packed,... I have no doubts to buy next kit from TAD. I have assembled kit in about 12 hours and I must tell, that together with my 1961 Stratocaster, it makes pretty nice time machine taking me back to 60´s. I think, that this amp. has it!

12 Jun 2007

That was my first try at building an amp. It took me something like 16 hours to get the job done and I am really proud to say that my amp is working perfectly well and sounds just as great ! Thanks for the pictures available on TAD website, they are really usefull and help you to set everything inside the amp the way it has to be.

What more can I say ? I am looking forward to start the next one...

24 May 2007

As allways the kit's from TAD are the best. Received the kit within 2 weeks and it was assembled in about 12 hours. Do not forget to rest from time to time because these kit's are addictive!! The first deluxe kit was sold to a accordeon-player that uses this amp on stage!! I just love the sound of this amp, specially with a guitar plugged into it.

Top quality for the price of a solid-state copycat!!

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