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Psvane 805A-HIFI Series

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Psvane ACME 805 / 805A Matched Pair in exclusive gift box
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Part Number: PS-A805.2
  • PS-805A-HIFI
  • 9x9x25 cm
  • 0.29 kg
  • 4251594919612
The 805A is a special version of 805 for AUDIO applications with anode connection on pin #3... more
Product information "Psvane 805A-HIFI Series"
The 805A is a special version of 805 for AUDIO applications with anode connection on pin #3 instead of using a plate cap.
PSVANE 805A-HIFI is direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode triode, can be used as class B, A-F, and R-F power amplification, class C R-F power amplification and high frequency oscillation.
Uf--------------------------------------10 V
If---------------------------------------3.25 A
Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
input----------------------------------8.5 PF
output----------------------------------10.5 PF
grid to plate---------------------------------6.5 PF
Maximum Rating
Ua---------------------------------1500 V
Pa-----------------------------125 W

Recommended Operating Conditions (reference value)
class B(A-F) for two tubes
typical working condition    limited parameter 
Ua------------------ 1250 1500 1250 V
Ia (mAx.sig per tube)------------------- 210 mA
Pa (in) (mAx.sig per tube)--------------- 315 W
Pa (per t ---------------------------- 125 W
Ug----------------------------------—16 V
Ug(pk)----------------235 280 V
Ia (0)-----------------148 84 mA
Ia(mAx.sig)----------500 600 mA
Pd(mAx.sig)------------6 7 W
RL(a—a)---------------6.7 8.2 KΩ
Pout(mAx.sig)-----------300 370 W
class B(R-F):
Carrier conditions the biggest modulation coefficient is 1 per tube
typical working condition    limited parameter 
Ua------------------ 1250 1500 1500 V
Ug----------------------------------—10 V
Ia -------------------135 115 150 mA
Pa (in) ------------------------------185 W
Pa ---------------------------------125 W
Ug(pk)----------------70 70 V
Ig -------------------15 15 mA
Pd-------------------11 7.5 W
Pout------------------55 57.5 W
Tube Type: 805/VT143/331A/CV625
Socket: 4 Pin(Jumbo)
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