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EH 7025 Electro Harmonix / Russia

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EH 7025 Electro Harmonix / Russia   manufacturer's description:  ... more
Product information "EH 7025 Electro Harmonix / Russia"
EH 7025 Electro Harmonix / Russia
manufacturer's description:
"Electro-Harmonix has released a low noise, low microphonic version of the 12AX7 that meets all specifications required for the tube to be designated 7025. The original 7025 tube was a 12AX7 that was tested and selected for the lowest noise and microphonics for use in the critical first preamp stages of amplifiers where noise and microphonics could be an issue. In order to ensure that the 7025 specification is consistently met, Electro-Harmonix has redesigned the structure of the 12AX7 and has implemented construction techniques to ensure the absolute lowest noise and microphonics possible. In all samples tested, noise and microphonics could not be detected.
The Electro-Harmonix 7025EH has a mid-range that gives clarity and definition to the sound and a smooth top end for warmth and balance. With these characteristics, along with the exceptionally low noise and low microphonics, the Electro-Harmonix 7025EH will work equally well in vintage and modern high-gain guitar amplifiers, as well as sensitive phono preamps."
For tube specs, see "documents" tab
Tube Type: 12AX7/ECC83/7025
Socket: 9 Pin(Noval)
Available downloads:
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Customer evaluation for "EH 7025 Electro Harmonix / Russia"
14 May 2020

Great tube !

New EHX 7025 sounds great! I tested it in my brownface Vibroverb clone in V1 position of the normal channel (my clone is just one channel amp, so no Vibrato channel). EHX 7025 sounds rounder than Tung Sol 12ax7, as Tung Sol has more upper mids. Also EHX 7025 does sound more soft and pleasant then EHX 12AX7, as EHX 12AX7 sounds kind of hard in my amp. Also, EHX 7025 has minimal crosstalk between triodes inside the glass, I guess because of metal grey screen between anodes.

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