E84L / 6p14p-EV AEG (NOS, Russia)

Variants Description Stock Price Quantity
SE84L-AEG E84L / 6p14p-EV AEG (NOS, Russia) on_Stock € 29,50
SE84L-AEG (2)
E84L / 6p14p-EV AEG (NOS, Russia) (2x)
+ matching in PAIRS, price per PAIR
on_Stock € 66,20
SE84L-AEG (4)
E84L / 6p14p-EV AEG (NOS, Russia) (4x)
+ matching in QUARTETS, price per QUARTET
on_Stock € 132,40

E84L / 6p14p-EV AEG (NOS, Russia)

E84L / 6p14p-EV AEG (NOS, Russia)
AEG branded & boxed

E84L / 6p14p-EV are premium "long life" EL84.
These can be used for any EL84/6BQ5 or 7189 application.

Not RohS Compliant

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NOS Rare & Vintage

EL84 RFT (NOS) The RFT EL84 from old east German production was the standard EL84 since 1970s sold by various brands like Siemens EL84 or Telefunken EL84.
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