EL84 Tungsram NOS

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  • SEL84-TRM
  • 2.5x8x2.5 cm
  • 0.02 kg
EL84 Tungsram NOS     note: may also be marked EI     historic... more
Product information "EL84 Tungsram NOS"
EL84 Tungsram NOS  
note: may also be marked EI
historic background:
the serbien military demanded a higher quality EL84 than Ei could supply at that time. So Ei had to buy EL84 from Tungsram (Hungary) and marked them "Ei" cause the military completely refused importet tubes. since Ei hated to buy and remark foreign tubes they printed them not very nice as a sign of their reluctance to do so.
Now some of these high quality EL84 with the Tungsram typical lots of barium getter are here for sale.
Tube Type: EL84/6BQ5/6P14P/N709
Socket: Noval(9 Pin)
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