Output transf. for Marshall JTM100,4x KT66 4, 8+16 Ohm

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  • MJTM100A
  • 12x14x17 cm
  • 4.4 kg
Outputtransformer for 4x KT66, 4, 8 and 16 Ohms. Killertone, used in the Amp Kit JTM45-100... more
Product information "Output transf. for Marshall JTM100,4x KT66 4, 8+16 Ohm"
Outputtransformer for 4x KT66, 4, 8 and 16 Ohms. Killertone, used in the Amp Kit JTM45-100
Made after original specs taken from our vintage Marshall JTM100 from 1965. This is one of the first 25 amps Marshall ever made with a single 100W output transformer
Slotted laminations
Custom made by DAGNALL for TAD
Raa ca. 4k ohms
      A1      Black
      B+      Brown
      A2      Red
      16 Ohm      Blue
      8 Ohm      Green
      4 Ohm      Yellow
      0 Ohm      White
Transformator Type: Output Transformers
OT-Tubes: KT66
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Customer evaluation for "Output transf. for Marshall JTM100,4x KT66 4, 8+16 Ohm"
18 Apr 2016

I have this 66 JTM45/100 with a broken OT. I´ve send the original transformer for a rewind in the US. I have waited over 6 months for it so last week when I ordered some tubes from TAD and I saw this transformer and ordered it as well.

Its sounds very good! Compared to my other two JTM45/100 amps with one with original OT and one rewound it sounds very similar, perhaps bit more mid-scooped, a little more modern sounding.

It is not absolute clone visually. It is wound an a plastic bobbin and not wound an a former (making it an open frame). The use of a plastic bobbing makes the need for lamination stack less. The transformer lamination is therefore thinner than the original making it a bit difficult to mount to the original mounting holes in the chassis, but it work out,

Price wise it is very good comparing to the price of shipping cost two ways, custom fees and repair cost for the other one.

Got the parts and transformer to my door 26 hours after placing the order! Inter EU.

Here is a first testdrive of the amp with the TAD transformer


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