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Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. for 18W Plexi Kit
Max. 20 Watt, 2x EL84, Impedance 4, 8, 16 Ohms perfect replacement for the Marshall 1974X and 2061X, replaces C2116 and D4910 Lamination: 3", Stacking 1 1/16". Mounting on 3 3/4" Impedance: ca. 9.2 k Primary: A1 Blue B+ Red A2 Brown...

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Part Number: MJTM18WA
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. for conversion to KT66: Marshall...
Output transformer for the conversion to KT66 in Marshall JCM900, JCM2000 Series Models: 2100, 4100, 6101, DSL100, TSL100, TSL122 etc. MADE IN GERMANY! does not fit 9200 power amp due to giant stacking!!! comes with shroud and mounting...

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Part Number: M100AN-KT66
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. for Marshall JTM100,4x KT66 4,...
Outputtransformer for 4x KT66, 4, 8 and 16 Ohms. Killertone, used in the Amp Kit JTM45-100 Made after original specs taken from our vintage Marshall JTM100 from 1965. This is one of the first 25 amps Marshall ever made with a single 100W...

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Part Number: MJTM100A
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. for Marshall JTM45, 2xKT66 with...
Original data with additional 4 Ohm tap #784-103, R A-A. ca. 8kOhm, for 2x KT66, 4, 8 and 16 Ohms. Additional authentic 100V Winding. the MTJM45 is stock with our TAD 45 Plexi amp kits. replacement for the 784-389 and D2505 for Marshall...

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Part Number: MJTM45A
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. for Marshall 100W JCM900, JCM2000
Output Transformer for : Marshall® 100W models like JCM 900, 2100 ,4100, 6101, 9200, EL34 100/100 etc. fits also JCM2000 models like DSL100, TSL100, TSL122 etc. one-to-one swap! comes with top shroud and bolts as shown Lamination: 3...

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Part Number: M100AN
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. for Marshall Major 200 W...
Output transformer for: Marshall® Major like used from 1967 to 1974 in the model numbers 1966, 1967, 1978. 200 W, Ultralinear, 4x KT88,200W max., 4, 8, 16 Ohm with screen taps superior quality M6 lamination: 5 1/4", Stack: 2 5/8" Raa ca....

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Part Number: M200A
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. Marshall DSL201,JCM2000 Serie
Output transformer: Marshall® DSL201, JCM2000 Serie Max. 20W, 2 x EL 84, Impedanz 8, 16 Ohm. lamination: EI57/20.5 Impedance ca. 7.7k Not suitable for Class A Operation. For Class A see: MJTM18WA Primary: A1 #11 B+ #13 A2 #15 Secondary:...

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Part Number: M20AN-1
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. Marshall 50W for JCM900/200 etc.
Output transformer for Marshall® 50-60W, 2 x EL 34 or 2x 5881, Impedance: 4, 8, 16 Ohm for JCM2000 range like Marshall® models DSL50, TSL60, TSL601, TSL602 for JCM900 range like 2500, 2501, 4500, 4501, 9100 etc. Rack power amp: 9100...

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Part Number: M50AN
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf. Marshall for 40W DSL401
NEW VERSION with superior M6 lamination quality. UPGRADE! CUSTOM MADE BY DAGNALL FOR TAD comes with shroud like pictured Max. 40W, 4 x EL 84, Impedance 8, 16 Ohm, original Dagnall lamination size 3", Stacking 1" Impedance: ca. 4.5k...

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Part Number: M40AN
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf.for Marshall 100W, used since...
Output Transformer for 4x EL34 to 4, 8, 16 Ohms, suitable for all 100W models from 1966 on. JMP 100W models, JCM800 (2203, 2210, 1959) and 6100 Heads Modelled after an original Transformer from a `68 Super Lead replaces C2668 and C1998...

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Part Number: M100A
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf.for Marshall 50W, 2x EL34, 4+8+16...
Outputtransformer for 2x EL34, 4, 8 + 16 Ohm used in the models like 1987, 1986, 2205, 2204, 2002, 2040 Artist, etc. incl. JCM800 Series Replaces 789-139 and 784-139. Made after specs analysed from an original transformer of an 50 Watt...

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Part Number: M50A
Marshall Amplification PLC
Output transf.for Marshall EL84-20/20
Output transformer:Marshall® 20W, for Power Amp Marshall EL84-20/20 perfect replacement for Drake 351-611 and TXOP 00009 Max. 20W, 2 x EL 84, Impedanz 8, 16 Ohm. lamination: EI57/20.5 W x L x H: 57mm x 48mm x 40.5mm Impedance ca. 7.7k...

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Part Number: M20AN
Marshall Amplification PLC
output transformer for Marshall JVM410H and...
output transformer for Marshall JVM410H and JVM210, Upgrade Marshall® output transformer for Marshall JVM410H and JVM210,also used in the YJM100, Joe Satriani JVM410HJS and Slash AFD100 for 4x EL34, 100W to 4, 8, 16 Ohms, D5118 Custom...

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Part Number: M100AN-1
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
output transformer, 50W, D5240, Marshall JVM...
original Marshall output transformer, 50W, D5240, JVM Serie wie JVM205H, JVM205C, 215C

€135.99 *
Part Number: METXOP00030