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Jupiter RED ASTRON 0.05uF 600VDC (=50nF)

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  • V-JRA050600
  • 0.8x0.8x3 cm
  • 0.002 kg
    New Old Stock tubes, not tested for RoHS compliance.
    Only for repair and restoration of historical equipment.
Tinfoil and Mylar- 1950s Construction, Warmer Tone Modeled after the legendary Red Astron... more
Product information "Jupiter RED ASTRON 0.05uF 600VDC (=50nF)"
Tinfoil and Mylar- 1950s Construction, Warmer Tone
Modeled after the legendary Red Astron Capacitors, our capacitors have similar style to the vintage capacitors to give a very authentic tone and look, yet with a high reliability and longevity. This phenolic case potted tinfoil and mylar capacitor yields a uniquely vintage tone perfect for guitar amplifiers and vintage audio amplifiers alike.
Construction: Polyester/Tin Foil
Case: Potted Phenolic Paper
Tolerance: +/-10% typically much closer.
Operating temperature: -55°C - 85°C, derate 50% at 125°C.
Voltage: 600VDC - Tested at 1200VDC(at three stages of production)
*Parts marked 400VDC for vintage look, all 600VDC
Leads: 20awg Tinned Copper
Application: Guitar Amplifier, Guitar Tone Control, Vintage Audio Amplifier
Made in USA of US made materials.
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