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Blackface 45 Reverb AB763 Style Amp-Kit

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  Amp Kit Blackface 45 Reverb AB763 Style with ca. 45 watt power. This Amp Kit is based... more
Product information "Blackface 45 Reverb AB763 Style Amp-Kit"
Amp Kit Blackface 45 Reverb AB763 Style with ca. 45 watt power.
This Amp Kit is based on the legendary Fender Super Reverb®
Famous for its sweet yet shiny tone of the 6L6 tubes and the famous tube reverb, the Tremolo.
Probably one of the most sought after vintage Fender style amps.
This one does have all the features, the original vintage beast got famous for.
New: TAD logo, Generic Face- and Rearplate are now included with delivery.
Power: ca. 45 Watt
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Tubes:  2x 12AT7, 4x 12AX7A-C / ECC83, 1x 6L6WGC-STR pair, 1x 5AR4
Reverg Can: RV-4AB3C1B
Available variants:
The pure kit without cabinet:
Measure: 4,5cm height x 59,5cm width x 21,5cm depth
Total weight: ca. 10 kg
Kit incl. head cabinet coverd with black tolex
with silver&black grill cloth, sphinx glides and strap-handle.
Cabinet: K-CSRV-H
Measure: 24,1cm height x 63,8cm width x 24,1cm depth
Total weight: ca. 13 kg
Kit incl.4x10" cabinet coverd with black tolex
with silver&black grill cloth, sphinx glides and strap-handle.
Cabinet: K-CSRV-H
Measure: 59,7cm height x 62,2cm width x 26,7cm depth
Total weight: ca. 15 kg (without speaker)
Kit,cabinet and speakers.
Nothing is missed here.
The speakers are our recommendation
and perfectly matched to the kit.
As an extra we give a discount of 10% to the speakers.
The discount is already factored in the total price
and only available for this version!
Speaker: 4x Jensen C10Q 35 Watt 8 Ohm #LJEC10Q
Cabinet: K-CSRV
< Measure: 59,7cm height x 62,2cm width x 26,7cm depth
Total weight: ca. 23 kg
Also included:
TAD Premium Selected Tubes:
2x #RT002 12AT7, 4x RT001 12AX7A-C / ECC83, 1x RT812 6L6WGC- Paar, 1x RT501 5AR4,
eyeletboards, ceramic sockets, mounting materials, full size pots, knobs, Orange Drop caps,
carbon composition resistors, cloth-covered wire, chassis, transformers etc.
Footswitch and cover are NOT included but are available ptional. > See matching products.
Please note that the Amp-Kit are not a beginners project but for experienced amp builders!
Voltages inside tube amplifiers can exceed 500V and can cause serious damage and can even kill!
Ampkit Style: Blackface Style
Ampkit Power: 45 Watt
Ampkit Special: Reverb
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Customer evaluation for "Blackface 45 Reverb AB763 Style Amp-Kit"
31 May 2019

I have just finished to build this kit. After 20 hours of careful work it sounds perfectly at first power on ! And it sounds amazing ! It was my first AB763, nothing really difficult since every part is perfectly packaged and clearly identified. There is no step by step guideline, but the layout included in the documentation is sufficient. I really recommend this kit and TAD !

4 Oct 2017

I bought many many many amp kits in other stores, and I have to say that the TAD KITS are the best by far, great quality components, perfect packaging and every component was labeled with NO missing components or parts, fast delivery and great instructions, very close to the original amp, go for it , you will be very pleased, THANKS TAD !

10 Mar 2013

Safe package!Fast shipping!Perfect component quality!Best kit on the market!Perfect assistance service if you have question!Layout is clear and the schematic of origin is respected. I have made some modification for have the same Vibroverb as SVR, here is my receipt:

1.) Paper in oil caps for the 6 filter caps @ 0.1uf instead the orange drop.

2.) Matched section of 220K resistor

3.) No tubes in V1

4.) 5751 in V2 (NOS Rayethon triple mica of 1963)

5.) 12Ax7 in V6 for PI (NOS RCA grey plate of the 60′s)

6.) All other tubes are NOS

7.) Weber Neomag 15” speaker, 75 watt, 8 ohm, neomydium magnet, light doped, aluminium dust cap, Weber beam blocker direct sewn on the grill, to eliminate the ice pick due to the aluminium cap. (the paper in oil cap are for this raison too)

8.) EVM 15L speaker (same as SVR!), 300 watt, 8 ohm, a monster!!! Ceramic Magnet, in a external cab to make the comparison ( i prefer the Weber, or the two speaker together, but not the EVM alone)

9.) SPS pot for disconnect the vibrato canal. With the intensity on 0, 50% of the current continue to drive the canal. With the SPS pot, 100% of the current drive the V2 = more harmonic, mor fat and hot tone. I give you here a tricks to eliminate the “pops” noise due to the residual current: you sold a 1Mohm resistor between the two lugs on the pots and that’s it, no more noise!!!

10.) KT66 tubes in place of 6L6.!!!! Check your tranny before, to be sure that he support that!!! (6L6 need 0,9 A and KT66 need 1,2 A for heater current). This tube are amazing and make for me a huge difference for approach the SRV sound : the sweet pot or crunch start with the volume at 3,5 / 4!!! The distortion is like broken glass, creamy, air, transparent, with a medium bump,like if a TS808 was in the circuit. Each note is distinctive, tight bass, clean medium and treble. Until i have put this KT66, i don’t use never my TS pedal!!! It’ amazing!!!

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