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6L6WGB Philips, marekd & boxed Siemens (NOS/USA)

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  • 4x4x12 cm
    New Old Stock tubes, not tested for RoHS compliance.
    Only for repair and restoration of historical equipment.
6L6WGB Philips, marekd & boxed Siemens (NOS/USA) this is the same tube sold as 6L6WGB... more
Product information "6L6WGB Philips, marekd & boxed Siemens (NOS/USA)"
6L6WGB Philips, marekd & boxed Siemens (NOS/USA)
this is the same tube sold as 6L6WGB JAN-Philips, just branded & boxed by Siemens for the German market
Tube Type: 6L6/5881
Socket: 8 Pin(Oktal)
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Customer evaluation for "6L6WGB Philips, marekd & boxed Siemens (NOS/USA)"
14 Dec 2021

Highly enjoyable

I also used these in a LM518IA, in conjunction with NOS Mullard M8137 in the preamp, a NOS Brimar GZ34 rectifier, and PSVane HiFi 845 power tubes. Give them at least 100 hours of break in ( in blocks of 12 hours of use and 12 hours rest ) and they will reward you with a natural, realistic, elegant, timbrally correct, texturally and harmonically rich, smooth, open, well balanced, colourful, immersive and engaging presentation of any kind of music, whatever the quality of the recording. A tad pricey but worth the investment to my ears, highly enjoyable.

14 Dec 2017

These came in replacement to 6p3 tubes in my LM 518a amp. Beautiful bass, midrange subtil and airy trebble. A feeling of "cleaning the soundstage" in the positive sense of it. Coupled with 5751 GE 3 M for the preamp.

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