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CTS 500K Vintage Audio Dimple Potentiometer, medium Shaft

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  • CTS-D-A500K-MK
  • 12.7x2x10 cm
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CTS 500k Ohm true Vintage Audio Taper (30% Log) 24mm Dimple Back Guitar-Potentiometer... more
Product information "CTS 500K Vintage Audio Dimple Potentiometer, medium Shaft"
CTS 500k Ohm true Vintage Audio Taper (30% Log) 24mm Dimple Back Guitar-Potentiometer
split/knurled shaft, medium 9.5mm bushing
original Specs for Gibson Les Paul® or PRS guitars (check for actual bushing length required)
Super-Pot: aged real vintage pots often show a slightly increased resistance supporting a more vivid and crisp tone. TAD Custom Guitar-Potentiometer have a built-in slightly higher value to provide exactly this characteristic of a dignifiedly aged true vintage pot.
CTS is an old fashioned US American supplier, seated in Illinois. Known for the finest potentiometers used in electric guitars since the 1950s.
These vintage "Dimple Back" pots are the construction with the axis going through the body to the dished back providing the highest reliability and lowest noise operation.

The dimple back design makes them unique and distinctive; synonymous with the best potentiometers for guitars.

  • 1/4" KNURLED fine 24 teeth brass shaft
  • 3/8" brass MEDIUM 9.5mm bushing as used with Gibson Les Paul® guitars as Volume+Tone control
  • 24mm "dimple" dished back cover
  • including nut + washer + lock washer
  • solder lug terminals for tradidional wiring
  • Robust "dimple" Construction
  • special low torque for smooth control
  • Proprietary Anti-Static Lube
  • Brass Shaft & Bushing
  • Reduced Shaft Wobble
  • pre-soldered rear cover for easy soldering
  • Low Noise Output

Vintage Audio Taper

This is a custom 30% logarithmic taper used especially in guitars and audio circuits. It allows a much better control over the whole rotation of the volume or tone control than with normal taper of regular industry standard logarithmic potentiometers. Since this is so special it needs to be custom made and was to often ignored by lower cost guitar and amplifier designs. We recommend to improve your equipment by switching to CTS Vitnage Audio Taper potentiometers in the TAD custom design for best control, dependability and natural performance.
This custom CTS Series Premium Potentiometer by the legendary CTS (Chicago Telefon Supply, USA) Corporation founded 1896 has become the industry standard for top guitar manufacturers including Fender® and Gibson®.
These robust high-quality potentiometer have been used by quality guitar and amplifier manufactures since the 1950s and are considered first choice by luthiers, amp builder and service professionals as  the benchmark today.
bushing length: 9,5mm
Track Taper: Logarithmic
Connection Type: Soldering lug
Poti Value: 500K Ω
Available downloads:
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