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Hohner HB52 Harp Blaster Bullet Microphone

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  • H-HB52
  • 8x8x11 cm
  • 0.32 kg
  • 4009126766384
The new standard in harp microphones is the Hohner HB52 Harp Blaster Bullet Microphone  ... more
Product information "Hohner HB52 Harp Blaster Bullet Microphone"
The new standard in harp microphones is the Hohner HB52 Harp Blaster Bullet Microphone
Modeled after the sound of legendary vintage harp microphones and with the help of professional players, HOHNER and sE Electronics have created the HB52 Harp Blaster, a dynamic harmonica microphone.
Boutique features such as the Bourns® potentiometer and the gold plated XLR connector and state of the art manufacturing make it the new standard in harmonica microphones.
∙ Harp Blaster HB52 Microphone
∙ pouch
∙ HOHNER / sE Logo-Sticker
∙ owner manual & warranty card
∙ cable NOT included*
∙ Dynamic cadrigde like legendary vintage microphones (e.g.Shure 520 and others)
∙ gold plate XLR connector
∙ High-End Bourns® volume control pot
∙ rugged metal shell
∙ small size :
diameter50 mm, length: 78 mm,
weight: 205 g
* NOTE: the regular cables and Switchcraft adaptors for old Astatic and Hohner BB1492  DON'T FIT this new HB52 microphone! We will offer a proper matching cable within next few days.
just tested the new HB52:
The HB52 is a great new Harp Mic from Hohner! The mic performs very close to my beloved vintage Astatic JT30 with the original MC-151 crystal cartridge. Comparable output, powerful and assertive; just the heights are a bit softer with the Hohner HB52. The HB52 is amazingly even less prone to feedback, comes with an extremely solid metal housing, proper volume control and XLR connector. But be careful: the XLR connector is not wired like a classic high-Z microphone like the JT30. So you need a different cable or rewire the XLR socket (not recommended, as this will insensitive void the warranty).
Since the diameter is significantly smaller than that of the JT30, it is easier to keep the harp closed with the microphone. A blessing especially for people with smaller hands. The volume control sits at the back instead of at the bottom like with the JT30 style bullet mics. Somewhat unusual for me, but also protects against unintentional turning the pot.
I tested the HB52 on various amps including my 4x10 Fender "Tweed" Bassman 5E6, my Fender Quad Reverb (it's a Twin Reverb with 4x12"!!) and several smaller amps. One model that caught my eye was the TAD Brownface 20, 6G3 style. Unbelievable what that small amp can provide a wide range of sounds with the HB52. It fits the HB52 Harp Blaster Bullet Mic perfectly.
Conclusion: processing and material of the HB52 is super solid. Sound, feedback behavior and handling is top notch. The only thing to moan a bit is the requirement for a different cable. But of course TAD also has available the right cable in black and in a tweed look.
Amp recommendation: TAD Brownface 20 Amp 6G3, TAD Tweed Two-Ten-30 Amp 5F4 and TAD Tweed Bass Four-Ten Amp 5F6A
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