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6N30P-DR / 6H30n-DP

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  • S6N30P-DR
  • 2.5x8x2.5 cm
  • 0.03 kg
  • 4251594909699
6N30P-DR / 6H30n-DP Super Tube This rare 6N30P-DR (made before end of 1992) includes gold grids... more
Product information "6N30P-DR / 6H30n-DP"
6N30P-DR / 6H30n-DP Super Tube
This rare 6N30P-DR (made before end of 1992) includes gold grids and is the absolute top grade of the 6N30 tube type rated for 10,000h operating lifetime. The DR grade means this tube had to pass  rigorous testing for space and military applications within the Soviet Union. The DR grading does designate it to perform much better than the 6H30P-EB or EV versions. Later reproductions of this tube (since 1999) never reached same quality level.
Our stock has been produced not later than 1992.
the 6N30P-DR is used by worlds highest quality audio amplifier manfacturers including Audio Research REF610, REF 5, REF 3 series, CD7 + CD8 player und REF2 phonostage for example
upgrades the: 6N30P-EV / 6H30P-EB
Socket: 9 Pin(Noval)
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Customer evaluation for "6N30P-DR / 6H30n-DP"
28 Feb 2023

My Audio Research Dac 9 sounds amazing with a pair of this tubes!

Highly recommended!

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