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6J1P-EV / 6Ж1P-EB Reflektor, Pentode

S6J1P-EV 6J1P-EV / 6ЖP-EB Reflektor, Pentode
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  • S6J1P-EV
  • 2.5x2.5x7 cm
  • 0.015 kg
  • 4251594928881
    New Old Stock tubes, not tested for RoHS compliance.
    Only for repair and restoration of historical equipment.
6J1P-EV / 6Ж1P-EB Reflektor, Pentode equivalent with EF95 and 6AK5, this "EV" or "EB"... more
Product information "6J1P-EV / 6Ж1P-EB Reflektor, Pentode"
6J1P-EV / 6Ж1P-EB Reflektor, Pentode
equivalent with EF95 and 6AK5, this "EV" or "EB" version equals the ruggedized longlife versions E95F, 6AK5W and 5654
used in the CAD 8000 Trion microphone,
upgrade for 6J1 used in  Nobsound Little Bear T7 Phone Preamp
Socket: 7 Pin(B7G)
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