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4x10 Speaker-Cabinet MBB Style Black

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  • RSC410-MBB
  • 37x71x90 cm
  • 20.1 kg
  • 4251594914204
A classic Bluesbreaker-Style 3piece-back 4 x 10" cabinet. Matches perferctly our TAD 18W, JTM45... more
Product information "4x10 Speaker-Cabinet MBB Style Black"
A classic Bluesbreaker-Style 3piece-back 4 x 10" cabinet. Matches perferctly our TAD 18W, JTM45 and 100W Plexi Amp Kits.
Great choice to fatten up tone without the weight and size of a classic 4x12 cabinet.
Very punchy and direct tone!
The 3-piece-back allows to operate this cabinet als closed-back as well as open-back type by just removing or inserting the middle part of the back panel.
dimension: 76 x 56 x 30.5cm
Height: 56 cm
Width: 76cm
Depth: 30,5cm
wood: 16mm  Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinet
Finger Joint Construction
baffle: 13mm Baltic Birch Baffle
back: 3 Piece convertible back
weight (without packing): 17.55kg
MHS Handle (nickle finish)
Large Rubber Feet
tolex: Black Levant (other colours on request)
Salt/Pepper Grill Cloth
White Piping
Speaker recommendation: (see below)
FANE AXA10 Alnico
FANE Medusa 1075
Jensen Tornado N10 (low resonant type, voiced for deep and fat tone!)
Jensen C10Q
Celestion G10 Vintage                
Celestion G10M
Celestion AlNiCo G10 GOLD Bulldog
Cabinet material: Baltic Birch
Baffle: 4x10
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