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2x12" Speaker-Cabinet MBB Style Black

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Grill Cloth:

Back Wall:

Front Style:

  • RSC212-MBB
  • 82x44x83 cm
  • 22 kg
  • 4251594913962
A Bluesbreaker-Style closed-back 2 x 12" cabinet. Deep, direkt and with improved details, better... more
Product information "2x12" Speaker-Cabinet MBB Style Black"
A Bluesbreaker-Style closed-back 2 x 12" cabinet. Deep, direkt and with improved details, better definition and tighter low end compared to the bigger 4x12" cabs. The speaker baffle is slightly tilted for improved sound projection.
Speaker recommendation:
Jensen C12N (Special)     > max. 100W RMS
Celestion G12H                > max. 60W RMS
Celestion Vintage 30         > max. 120W RMS
Celestion BLUE Bulldog    > max. 30W RMS
Celestion G12 Century VINTAGE  > max. 120W RMS
CHIEF's CHOICE:   Celestion AlNiCo GOLD Bulldog > max. 100W RMS
76,0 x 61,0 x 30.5cm, 15.9kg
Cabinet material: Baltic Birch
Baffle: 2x12
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Customer evaluation for "2x12" Speaker-Cabinet MBB Style Black"
16 Nov 2007

Congratulations for this 100W cabinet

mounted with Celestion Gold Alnico.

The interactivity with the instrument is enhanced and especially the sustain is much easier to manage.

I recommend this selection for those who are interested in smaller 100W cabinet.

Moreover this cabinet looks like a Marshall one and can works with any Marshall head.

Very quick delivery : 72H


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