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Jensen CH12/35 12'' 35W

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  • LJECH1235-8
  • 32x14x32 cm
  • 2.1 kg
  • 8034028640445
Jensen Chicago Series in the USA known as MOD. Straightforward tone with low end focus. When... more
Product information "Jensen CH12/35 12'' 35W"
Jensen Chicago Series in the USA known as MOD.
Straightforward tone with low end focus.
When presented with overdrive distortion, it has a straightforward fuzz voice.
General specifications:
Nominal diameter: 12"
Power Rating: 35  Watt
Sensitivity: 95,6 dB
Magnet: Ceramic
Speaker Size: 12 Inch
Power Rating: 35W
Used for: Guitar
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Customer evaluation for "Jensen CH12/35 12'' 35W"
23 Oct 2020

Light speaker, big sound

The Jensen CH12-35 replaces the stock speaker vk1216 in my Peavey Valveking MK2 20w combo. I choose this one mainly because of the lower efficiency so I would obtain more appropriate volume for home practice. I was not expecting to improve the sound. The speaker is lightweight because of the smalle magnet. It's an advantage for moving the combo but i was a bit sceptical thinking that a light speaker would also produce a thin sound. The speaker seems a high quality construction to me.

After playing a couple of hours (at rather low volume) i found the following conclusion:
It sounds indeed less loud but not a huge difference. The lowest string notes E till A are almost the same volume compared to the stock speaker while higher notes are a few DB less. So this light speaker produces a full bass. But it is a well defined bass and certainly not "wooly". Though, I'll probably turn down the bass button on the amps 3-band EQ with one of two units for most of my playing. But that's a matter of personal tast.

The overal sound is warm and the response feels more dynamic than the stock speaker. Higher notes are very smooth and clear. It is definitely an improvement which was a nice surprise for such a low cost speaker.

Thanks to the 3 to 5db less efficiency, i can crank the power tubes with at least twice the power for the same volume. Me happy and my neighbours happy :-)

Finally, i'm happy with the fast shipment: delivered in 2 says to Belgium

17 Jul 2006

This speaker sounds great on my 1993 Fender Blues Deluxe. Warm and dynamic. The package was well done and the shipping fast. Excellent!

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