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Psvane ACME KT88 Pairs + Quartets

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  • PS-AKT88.2
  • 18x11.5x18 cm
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The PSVANE ACME KT88  with gold pins and gold grid, teflon base, anodised aluminium shell... more
Product information "Psvane ACME KT88 Pairs + Quartets"
The PSVANE ACME KT88  with gold pins and gold grid, teflon base, anodised aluminium shell
The ACME range stands for top notch quality and also utilises new production technology and new ways manufacturing tubes dedicated to audio excellence.
There is no doubt that you can expect extraordinary performance from the new ACME KT88. It plays with a lightness and warmth, yet is detailed, deep and powerful.
Like all ACME tubes, the KT88 benefits from a few hours of break-in time to achieve the full depth and finesse of sound.
Depending on the system and subjective listening preferences, you may consider about 50-200 hours.
PSVANE mentioned these desgin factss as a remarkable details:
  • 5+ years of R&D poured in to create this Supreme series and world's first 3D designed tube structure
  • Patented hybrid plate design - combination of graphite and mesh material first time used at the same time on high power output tubes (845, 211, 805) to achieve synchronized expansion even at 600 Celsius temperature, high emission capacity, and super stability.
  • Special shaped glass enclosure exclusivly used for ACME KT88 to allow quick heat dissipation and enhanced stability
  • Teflon base with sand blasted aluminum cover - no finger print residual!
  • German solder used in pin connection and of course, gold plated!
Uh-----------------6.3   V
Ih------------------1.6   A
Ua----------------------------  800     800       V
Ug2--------------------------  600      600       V
Ug1--------------------------  200      -200      V
Pa----------------------------  42       35       V
Pg2--------------------------   8        6        W
Pa+Pg2---------------------   46       40       W
Ik----------------------------  230      230      mA
Uhk-------------------------  200      250      V
Tglass shell-------------------  250      250  °C
Cathode bias  
Pa + Pg2≤ 35W----------0.47   MΩ
Pa +Pg2 > 35W ---------0.27   MΩ
Fixed bias    
Pa +Pg2≤ 35W ----------0.22   MΩ
Pa +Pg2> 35W ----------0.10   MΩ
          Pentode connection    Triode connection
Cin---------------16           9.3         PF
Cout-------------12           17          PF
Cg-a-------------1.2          7.9         PF
Pentode connection
Ua----------------250   V
Ug2--------------250   V
Ia----------------140   mA
Ig2(approx)----3    mA
-Ug1(approx)--15    V
Gm---------------12   mA/V
ri -----------------12    KΩ
μg1-g2-------- 8
Triode connection
Ua.g2-------------250   V
Ia+g2-------------143   mA
-Ug1(approx)---15    V
Gm----------------12   mA/V
Ri------------------670   Ω
μ------------------ 8
Tube Type: KT88
Socket: 8 Pin(Octal)
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