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Guitar repair – what can I do myself?

Guitar repair - what can I do myself?

« Typical issues that you fix on your own » Noise or loss of sound quality can dampen the joy of playing and drain all creative energy? Don’t worry – typically, common instrument issues can be quickly and easily repaired by yourself. …

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How to install a humbucker

« The DIY Guide for Guitarists » If the pickup is defective or if fine-tuning is required, some guitarists might get cold feet because working on their own instrument is often a delicate task. However, when it comes to installing and adjusting …

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How pickups work

Guitar closeup - How pickups work

« Everything about different types and their construction » In addition to amplifiers and amplifier tubes, the pickups used also play a crucial role in the sound of an electric guitar. As common and taken for granted as it is for every …

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