Sound advice

Bass amp – Tube or Transistor?

Let’s keep it short! From our perspective, there’s no way around a well-adjusted and tailored tube amp for the electric bass. Why is that so? What factors play a role in choosing a suitable bass amp? What fundamental differences exist in system …

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Small Guitar Amps

Guitar and amp - Small Guitar Amps

« Ideal for home use and on the go » What does a musician who performs regularly need? That’s right – colleagues to help with carrying. Especially analog technology like tube amplifiers and their corresponding speaker cabinets can make the entire band …

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The optimal amplifier for acoustic guitar

« More than just a tool for high volume » For a long time, transistor amplifiers have been considered the perfect amplifiers for acoustic guitars. However, for those seeking more than just a pure “loudmaker” for their instrument, it’s worth familiarizing oneself …

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The best guitar amp for blues

B.B._King_in_2009 - The best guitar amp for blues

As the father (or mother?) of most modern music styles, blues continues to enjoy great popularity today! Soul, jazz, rock, and pop enthusiasts find familiar elements in the music originating from the southern United States. In addition to special rhythmic and melodic …

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Adjusting The Guitar Sound

« All About Amp Basic Settings » One might think that the quest for the perfect sound is a lifelong pursuit for many guitarists! And in many cases, this assumption would be correct. Passionate musicians are constantly on the lookout for ways to …

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Power Attenuator or Load Box for Tube Amps

TAD Silencer Power Attenuator, Fender Super Reverb Amp blackface, Fender Stratocaster guitar

« Achieving the perfect tube sound with a power attenuator or loadbox for guitar amplifiers » or, how can I crank up my amplifier and still keep the volume in check? To achieve the perfect guitar sound, there’s no way around a …

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High-Gain Amps

«Everything about legendary models and their unmatched sound» Fat rhythm guitar, smooth solos, and screaming riffs – high-gain sounds are essential in rock, metal, and more. To create these sounds, guitarists started challenging their amps with new demands back in the 1960s. …

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Tube amplifier vs digital amplifier

« A question of good tone » Good sound and music are passionate topics and often lead to some emotional discussions. But hardly any topic gets tempers so frayed as the comparison of different amplifier technologies. While there are still heated discussions …

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Jensen speakers in comparison

When it comes to sound, we have extremely high standards for everything that should be powered by a good tube amplifier. Outstanding craftsmanship, consistently pleasing sound, and dynamic reproduction that brings the sound to life – these are the characteristics of Jensen …

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