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Tube amplifiers for turntables

« Best of “analogue music enjoyment” » Analogue tube technology has been experiencing a real renaissance over the past few years. But it’s not only in the field of guitar amplifiers that tubes are coming back: especially in the hi-fi range, there’s still …

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Myth Jazz Amp

« Searching for clues with the TubeAmpDoctor » Few musical genres in the modern era exhibit the same level of diversity while remaining as intricate and multifaceted as jazz. With an abundance of styles, subgenres, and nuances, pinpointing a quintessential guitar sound …

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Amp Tube Replacement

Amp Tubes - Amp Tube Replacement

« Replacing an amplifier tube – a general guide » A warm, lively sound with high dynamics and an organic acoustic pattern – that’s what we love about the sound of electron valves. As well as all the benefits of tube-operated amplifiers …

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