Celestion G12-35XC Pulsonic-Style 12'' 35W 8 Ohm made in UK

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Celestion G12-35XC Pulsonic-Style 12'' 35W 8 Ohm made in UK

The Celestion G12-35XC Limited Edition Pulsonic-Style made in UK

Developed for our 90th Anniversary year, hand assembled at our facility in England, the G12-35XC is a genuinely Limited Edition: we will only build 3000. This exceptional guitar speaker incorporates all the tonal characteristics that has made Celestion the world's favourite guitar speaker, along with a little Pulsonic mojo. Sweeter and more natural, it goes deeper yet still sparkles and shines; all with the famous Celestion vocal roar.

The 35XC is built using tried-and-tested materials and construction methods, and incorporates several new design features and techniques. Drawing on 90 years experience, we've been able to create a uniquely versatile speaker whose attributes will be familiar to those who know Pulsonic coned speakers.

Capable of delivering open and musical cleans without sacrificing an immensely satisfying crunch or searing, overdriven lead lines, the 35XC is made to engage your musical soul. This speaker resembles speakers with Pulsonic cones, by exhibiting poise, tonal evenness and freedom from souring colourations, as well as adding a little more sparkle and air to your sound.

A 90th Anniversary gift from Celestion to players who won't compromise in their search for great tone.

General specifications:

Nominal diameter: 12"
Power Rating: 35 Watt
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency Range: 75-5000 Hz
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Magnet: Ceramic

made in UK

EAN: 7 39894 592400

RohS Compliant

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