12AY7/6072A TAD Balance-Selected, GOLD-PIN Stereo-HiFi-Selection

Variants Description Stock Price Quantity
RT007-GB 12AY7/6072A TAD Balance-Selected, GOLD-PIN Stereo-HiFi-Selection Verfuegbarkeit_abhaengig_vom € 36,00
RT007-GB (2)
12AY7/6072A TAD Balance-Selected, GOLD-PIN Stereo-HiFi-Selection (2x)
+ Matching in PAIRS for TAD-Preamp Tubes (balance selecting included), cost per PAIR
Verfuegbarkeit_abhaengig_vom € 79,20

12AY7/6072A TAD Balance-Selected, GOLD-PIN Stereo-HiFi-Selection

TAD 12AY7 with GOLD-PINS Stereo-HiFi-Selection

Especially for Audio-Stereo applications selectet 12AY7 / 6072a with extremly low tolerances in amplification factor for perfectly balanced stereo channels.

Note: this selection is not required for guitar amplifiers use. For guitar amplification we recommend the RT007 12AY7 Premium Select!!

Q: When does a preamp tube become a Premium Selected tube?

A: All preamp tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
- Low Noise Test
- Microphonic Test
- Gain Test
- Sonic Tests
- Shock Tests
- Listening Tests
- Balanced Output Test

Matching and Selecting Options for Preamp Tubes
Matching in Pairs for preamp tubes means that two tubes show identical gain, hence, four characteristically identical systems.
This matching method includes our Balance-Selection. We highly recommend this matching method for hi-fi systems.

TAD Premium Selected/Highgrade tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties)
for the quality criteria mentioned above.

RohS Compliant

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