Celestion Gold Alnico Bulldog 12" 50W 16 Ohm Made In England

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Celestion Gold Alnico Bulldog 12" 50W 16 Ohm Made In England

Building on the platform of the Blue, the Gold is a higher-powered, Alnico-magnet speaker that recreates the unmistakable sonic signature of a well played-in original.
Over time, the high frequencies of a Blue soften and become less chalky as the cone becomes more flexible - a much sought after characteristic that the Gold exhibits straight out of the box.
Also present in the Gold sound from the outset is an added warmth and complexity in the midrange which, coupled with the classic Alnico qualities of a laid-back attack, rounded low end and brilliant belllike highs, deliver huge rhythm voicings and saturated vocal lead tones.
The Gold is a wonderfully expressive and revealing loudspeaker, affording guitarists an unprecedented degree of dynamic control. It has already become a favourite for many working players worldwide whether picking and bending with Brad Paisley, or rocking hard with Danny Spitz of Anthrax.

Also used by Glenn Tipton (Judas Priest) and Wolf Hoffmann (Accept).

General specifications:

Nominal diameter: 12"
Power Rating: 50 Watt
Nominal impedance: 16 Ohm (historic correctly marked 15 Ohm)
Frequency Range: 75-5000 Hz
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Magnet: Alnico

EAN: 7 39894 547208

RohS Compliant
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Wonderful and so efficient this speaker !!
It Produces warm sound, very distinct, with tight bass.
Very much sensitive for sustain which is easier to control than with Celestion vintage 30 for instance.
Perfect to be used with Vintage modern Marshall .

To be recommended without hesitation.

Many thanks
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