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Tube amplifiers for turntables

« Best of “analogue music enjoyment” » Analogue tube technology has been experiencing a real renaissance over the past few years. But it’s not only in the field of guitar amplifiers that tubes are coming back: especially in the hi-fi range, there’s still …

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Tube amp advantages

guitar-with-guitar-amp - Tube amp advantages

« Why tube amps are still the first choice » Users of tube amplifiers are aware of the advantages of analogue sound amplification and swear by the sound from the indestructible electron tube. But is there more to it than just myth, …

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Guitar amp settings

« Basic settings at a glance » In order to be able to enjoy the guitar sound in all its glory, you need a tube amplifier – so far, so obvious. But how can you influence the sound and adjust a guitar …

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Tube rolling

Tube rolling – a fascination for music lovers worldwide. Whether it’s high-quality hi-fi equipment or instrumental amplifiers, tube amplifiers are and remain the number one choice when it comes to high-quality sound. In addition to a natural and organic sound reproduction, valve …

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Headphones with amplifier


« Pure Tube Technology in Compact Form » Unburdened music enjoyment, a magnificent soundstage, and a warm, transparent, and wonderfully musical tone – all of these are offered by tube technology in the realm of Hi-Fi. But what do you do when …

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Tube amp maintenance

« Dirty sound, clean contacts » To enjoy your tube amplifier, for possibly decades, more than occasional tube replacements are required. The upkeep of electronics, amplifier cabinets, and related aspects should also be considered periodically. Particularly, tending to the electronic elements of …

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Perfect sound in the living room

« Tubes not only sound better, they also look better » Whether used as a guitar amp on stage or as a high-quality hi-fi solution in your own furnished music room: The fact that tube amps simply sound better and offer a …

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