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Power Attenuator or Load Box for Tube Amps

TAD Silencer Power Attenuator, Fender Super Reverb Amp blackface, Fender Stratocaster guitar

« Achieving the perfect tube sound with a power attenuator or loadbox for guitar amplifiers » or, how can I crank up my amplifier and still keep the volume in check? To achieve the perfect guitar sound, there’s no way around a …

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Best tube amps for home use

Tube amps for home use

« This is how tube sounds in a rental apartment are possible! » Hearing a real, handmade tube sound from an amplifier in your own living room – for many guitarists this is a lifelong dream. Tube amplifiers are known for a …

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Power reduction with Power Soak

« The best addition for practice amps » In today’s article, we’ll present the Power Soak or Power Attenuator and tell you what the technology is all about and why hot air sometimes just makes sense! The problem with volume Tube amplifiers …

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