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VOX®/ Marshall®, Brass Vent Grill

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  • VVGM
  • 0.3x1.8x12.5 cm
  • 0.005 kg
  • 4251594912521
This is an exact replica of our 1965 Marshall Super PA* ventilation grill which was identically... more
Product information "VOX®/ Marshall®, Brass Vent Grill"
This is an exact replica of our 1965 Marshall Super PA* ventilation grill which was identically used by VOX. Already back in the 1990s, we invested in high quality tools, and the brass ventilation grills are now being handcrafted with greatest care to detail and in best quality.
We can also provide larger quantities (>100) on request.
Measurements: 122 x 18.3mm
* one of the first five Marshall Amps ever built with a single 100W output transformer. Before that, there were only 20 amps with 2x 50W transformers because, back then, RS were not able to provide 100W transformers. This is as Jim Marshall himself told us in 1994 while signing the amp.
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