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Tubeset for Engl E650 Blackmore

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  • TS-E-E650-BM
Tubeset for Engl E650 Blackmore   In the first position (V1), this tube set features our... more
Product information "Tubeset for Engl E650 Blackmore"
Tubeset for Engl E650 Blackmore
In the first position (V1), this tube set features our RT010 7025 TAD HIGHGRADE Premium Selected which is outstanding because of its high gain, but low microphony, powerful middles and a round, rich overtone sound. 
The following two positions have our RT001 12AX7A/ECC83 TAD Premium Selected. This tube delivers very good gain, tight deep bass, fat mids and a silky top end with overall definition and brightness. It is selected with balanced systems and improves overall response. Best for clean tones, as well as for sounds requiring deep-bass power like any modern preamp.
In (V4) we operate our RT001 12AX7A-C  TAD Premium Selected. This perfectly balanced 12AX7 will allow the output stage to perform at its optimum for smooth tone and definition. The overall responsiveness will be significantly improved by revealing the full dynamic headroom of the amplifier. Tight deep bass, complex lively mids and silky top end with overall definition. When driven to saturation a guitar amp using a TAD 12AX7A-C TAD Premium Selected tube will provide its optimum sustain and sounds with harmonic overdrive.
For the power tubes, we recommend the matched quad of our RT104 TAD 6L6GCM-STR REDBASE  Premium Selected
The classic 6L6 sound!
With the right amount of power in the low end, clear and transparent highs, they fill everything from big warm cleans to modern hard rock sounds with life and bite! This tube creates the sound of rock legends!
Tubeset includes:
1x RT010
7025 TAD HIGHGRADE Premium Selected
2x  RT001
12AX7A/ECC83 TAD Premium Selected (~ 7025, 12AX7WA, E83CC)
1x RT001 (V4)
12AX7A-C  TAD Premium Selected
1x RT104
The bias should be set to 30-35mA. If the original tubes still have the print or the labelcode which states the selection, we can supply matched tubes as exact replacement.
Amp Model: E650 Blackmore
Amplifier Brand: Engl
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Customer evaluation for "Tubeset for Engl E650 Blackmore"
28 May 2016

With this set the amp sounds just AMAZING!!! The set is worth every penny!

The Drive/Saturation for the lead channel is now a thousand times more musical.

The Clean channel sounded good for the first time.

The Tone is much more articulated but at the same time warmer which is a great improvement.

'Note' to anyone who's going for this set:

Make sure you follow TAD's recommendations for the power tubes' bias - it will put a smile on your face ;)

20 Dec 2014

Awesome tone with deep bass and more personality.

Love it!

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