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TJ Full Music 12AU7

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  • FM-12AU7
  • 2.5x2.5x11 cm
unique "box-plate" design, absolute high-end 12AU7 tube, outstanding audio quality even in... more
Product information "TJ Full Music 12AU7"
unique "box-plate" design, absolute high-end 12AU7 tube, outstanding audio quality even in direct comparison with NOS Telefunken ECC82 and Mullard CV4003 or M8136.
Tube Type: 12AU7/ECC82/6189/CV4003
Socket: 9 Pin(Noval)
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Customer evaluation for "TJ Full Music 12AU7"
10 Dec 2021

Les meilleurs 12AU7 testé jusqu'à présent

The Full Music 12AU7 tubes have exceeded 20 hours of operation now. The listening was done on my Elekit TU-8200DX which is a small hifi amplifier in class A and single stage. I compared these tubes with Psvane 12AU7T-MII tubes and NOS Sylvania GB 5814A, also excellent.

The Elekit remained perfectly silent, no noise was noticed on my side with these Full Music tubes.

The Full Music tubes showed an overwhelming musical superiority, they are the best 12AU7 I have ever listened to. The voices are transparent and pure, the timbres are rich and noble, the treble is of great finesse. The association with the power tubes TAD 6L6WGC STR Blackplate GE style is like a miracle! Everything is sublimated and flows like honey, the voices are unique and warm, human and full, the highs are of a softness and a harmonic richness never heard before on my small audio system. For lovers of voices, baroque jazz, baroque music.

To be discovered in association with other power tubes with different personality, for my part, I stick to the one mentioned above which remains my favorite.

22 Feb 2021


great sound, but my specimen has a lot of background noise.

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