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Shuguang KT100 (KT94)

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KT100 (=KT94) great dynamics, nice appearance like old GEC/UK tube KT100 and KT94 are... more
Product information "Shuguang KT100 (KT94)"
KT100 (=KT94) great dynamics, nice appearance like old GEC/UK tube
KT100 and KT94 are identical tubes with slightly different glass envelope. KT94 is rounder type as seen on picture.
KT100 has straight glass but identical internal system.
Replaces also KT88 / KT90 / 6550.
Socket: Octal(8Pin)
Tube Type: KT94/KT100
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Customer evaluation for "Shuguang KT100 (KT94)"
18 Jul 2019

Three months ago, my technician replaced my old KT100's with these. A matched quartet in 2 monoblocks.

The sound is perfect!

But I lost my confidence in their durability:

after a few weeks, rust spots appeared at the upper edge of the metal base; after a few months, one pair causes small bangs in the speaker, the first minutes after switching on.

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