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RT871 single (1 selected tube) on_Stock € 18,75
RT872 Pair (2 matched tubes) on_Stock € 37,50
RT874 Quartet (4 matched tubes) on_Stock € 75,00
RT876 Sextet (6 matched tubes) on_Stock € 112,50
RT878 Octet (8 matched tubes) on_Stock € 150,00

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The all new TAD-EL84STR brings together the best of both - the famous EL84-Cz and the EL84M. We opted for the thickest glass possible and the heaviest construction available, just like the Russian EL84M, and combined these features with the sonically most promising cathode plate options, in order to meet and exceed the tonal quality of the EL84-Cz. Finally, we added the gold grid wire in order to improve overall reliability. The sound can be described as very harmonic in the middle and treble frequencies, without adding too much power to the bass. The result is the best EL84 in current production.

No Compromise!
Very good in Epiphone Valve Junior
d= 22,5mm

Due to its diameter of 22.5mm, the TAD EL84-STR does not fit into older Marshall DSL401 and UK made VOX AC15 TBX amplifiers. The only tube which fits these amps is the EL84-EI. (ordering number: NN471)

Q: When does a power tube become a Premium Selected power tube?
A: All power tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
- Plate Current (PC) and Amplification (TC)
- Low Noise Test
- Microphonic Test
- Sonic Tests
- Shock Tests
- Listening Tests
- Shorts & Leakage Tests

Premium RT-Matching of Power Tubes
Our Premium Matching is an exact matching of power tubes with identical Plate Current (PC) and Transconductance (TC).

TAD Premium Selected tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties) for the quality criteria mentioned above.

RohS Compliant
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Chris (5/5)

use them in a small Fender amp and they will give you a warmer and nicely detailed sound. after 4 months there is no rattling like the stock tubes did after 3 weeks. The original Fender spares I tried at first turned noisy after a few weeks as well. But these TAD EL84 stay quiet!
The have good bottom but overemphasized; they have warm and strong mids but not too punchy.
I really like 'em and would recommned them by this experience with small amps; especially 15 W Pro Junior type Fender combos.

Andreas Gustafsson (3/5)

Compared to stock tubes of a Vox ac15hw, they're pretty dark sounding. If you have a bright sounding setup that's fine, If you like me want the ability of getting clean, sparkly sounds from a Les Paul, they're not the best choice.

František (5/5)

I put them into my Pro JR with greenback speaker.
Really nice warm and articulate clean sound...It makes little "twin" from Pro JR....

David (4/5)

They're great all rounders!

Eric Beucler (5/5)

I really like their punch and their bass response
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