6550C-SVT TAD Premium Matched ( SED 6550C winged -C-)

Variants Description Stock Price Quantity
RT281 single (1 selected tube) on_Stock € 120,00
RT282 Pair (2 gematched tubes) on_Stock € 240,00
RT284 Quartet (4 matched tubes) on_Stock € 480,00
RT286 Sextet (6 matchted tubes) on_Stock € 720,00

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6550C-SVT TAD Premium Matched ( SED 6550C winged -C-)

The TAD 6550C-SVT is a very powerful and dependable choice. Stock tube of many hi-fi manufacturers
and in the legendary Ampeg SVT bass amp. The TAD 6550C-SVT has a very linear
and focused sound. Very consistent in detail and separation, with clean heights and exceptional
balance throughout. It has been carefully selected out of the original Svetlana factory
production in St. Petersburg (winged -C- logo).

DISCONTINUED: out of production since 2011. Available as long as stocks last only!

We highly recommend the TAD 6550A-STR as an excellent alternative.
We have received great reviews for the use with Ampeg SVT Amplifiers from Ampeg service workshops.

RohS Compliant

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