TAD Amp-Kits


Our Amp-Kits are complete compilations of components for experienced amp builders. They include all parts, from the smallest screw to the largest chassis, needed to immediately start your DIY project for the most sought after classic-style tube amps.

All components are first choice parts for handcrafting the finest tube amp on eyelet or turret-boards including ceramic tube sockets, TAD/Sprague orange drop or TAD Mustard capacitors, carbon composition resistors, cloth-covered-wire, chrome chassis or alu chassis, international transformers, selected TAD-Tubes etc. Cabinets are with finger-joint corners and covered with original  speakergrill cloth and tolex or tweed. Tweed is finished with nitro laquer exactly like 50s Fender Tweed amps for original look and feel.

The only thing you need to bring in is your solder iron, tools and the skills to get the job done. All TAD Amp Kits now can be ordered ready assembled. Masterbuilt  craftmanship in tradiditonal Point-to-Point wiring. All the experience of our workshopdoes go  into these finest examples of vintage classics. All components are from TAD stock and grant first class quality as well as perfect availability in unlikely case you ever would need a spare.

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