Speakers + Cabinets

Returning speakers is, according to the Distance Selling Act, possible; especially, if the packaging is still sealed. However, that matter has to be seen in a different light if the speaker has already been used, as that certainly means that the speaker has been installed in a cabinet and was connected to an amplifier.

Generally speaking, a static connection of components (such as speakers) to other parts (cabinets and/or amplifiers) contradicts the basic idea of the Distant Selling Act.
This is hinted at in the countermand instructions for consumers in paragraph c) and eliminates the possibility of returning the product in the sense of the Distant Selling Act. Yet, as a gesture of good will, we would like to present a solution and offer to take back the product within two weeks after purchase, if you send back the product at your own expense and can provide a copy of the invoice. We cannot accept freight collect consignments.
Still, we will only take back speakers and refund the money if they show no signs of use at all. If a returned speaker shows irreversible signs of use or installation, we will have to deduct 20-50% of the purchasing price, depending on the level of damage.

In detail: 
Usually, speakers are fixed by screw nuts and the respecting screws stick out of the baffle board. Alternatively, speakers can be mounted with screws which themselves are held by fitting screw collars in the baffle. 
In both cases, the screws stick out of the steel basket which is partly covered by the speaker cardboard. This, inevitably, leads to the piercing of the cardboard. Thus, the speakers have traces of use and installation. 
One way of avoiding this is to clamp the speaker onto the baffle board by using appropriate holding clamps (rubber seal or felt). This also helps to avoid other traces of installation, for example to the paint of the frame of the speaker, as done by erection screws and nuts.
The connecting of the speakers has to be carried out by using accessory shoes or contact pins.
If you abide by the steps mentioned above, the damages caused by wrongful installation can be avoided. This is the only option of returning undamaged speakers at full value within the statutory period of time. 
However, if irreversible damages have occurred, we reserve the right to examine the speakers and we will deduct a certain percentage of the purchasing price, depending on the level of damage or even refuse to take back the speakers.
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